Looking Forward to the First Kiss as Husband and Wife

Looking Forward to the First Kiss as Husband and Wife
The first kiss is one of those wonderful wedding traditions that is so romantic and intimate. Even though it is intimate, you will most likely be experiencing it in front of many of your friends and family members. This can cause a little stress and anxiety. Today, I’ll give you some first kiss tips to make your first moment as husband and wife memorable, and help you decide if you want to practice at home (which I’m sure your fiancé won’t mind) or wing it on your wedding day.

you may kiss the bridePhotography by - Eddie Marroquin Photography

You may kiss the bride: Plan and practice the moment.

If you decide that you want to be prepared on the day of your wedding when you finally hear “you may kiss the bride”, then I recommend planning out the first kiss. My husband and I waited until the day before our wedding to plan the kiss. I am so happy we did though because his intentions would not have made for very good pictures! We talked about hand placement, and then practiced exactly how we would embrace. It definitely helped us avoid any awkwardness, as we both knew exactly what to expect.

First kiss tipsPhotography by - Eddie Marroquin Photography

First kiss tips: Relax and be in the moment.

You may be feeling nervous on your wedding day, but the announcement of the first kiss marks the end of the ceremony and the beginning of your new lives together. Relax in this moment and be sure to be present and enjoy it.

The first kiss as husband and wifePhotography by - Eddie Marroquin Photography

First kiss tips: Have fun, and don’t forget to reapply your lipstick!

Just like every other detail of your wedding day, you want your first kiss to be fun, memorable, and tailored to your own personal style. Enjoy yourself! Hearing “you may kiss the bride” is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. And don’t forget to reapply your lipstick after planting a big one on your hubby! Happy wedding day! XOXO

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