The Bride’s Guide to Engagement Photo Outfits

The Bride’s Guide to Engagement Photo Outfits
Your engagement photo session is an excellent time to get professional pictures that truly capture who you are as a couple. Because these shoots often offer outfit and scenery changes, they provide a lot of opportunities to capture what makes you and your love unique. Your engagement photo outfits, props, and location can tell viewers all about your love story.

The Bride's Guide to Engagement Photo Outfits

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Planning your upcoming engagement photo session with your photographer? These fun, casual shoots are a great opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer a bit better before your big day, and this session will provide you with wonderful shots to use for your save-the-dates, on your wedding website, or to frame or post online. If you have decided to schedule an engagement photo session, you’ll want to plan out your location ahead of time with your photographer and choose appropriate outfits for you and your beau. I’ve compiled a handy guide with top styling tips for any couple wanting to look fashionable, fun, and natural in their engagement photos.

Incorporate elements of your big day.

If you have already chosen your wedding colors or theme, why not use these colors as inspiration for your wardrobe hues? Tying in your colors to your engagement photos would look fantastic if you decide to use these images on your website or save-the-dates! engagement photos

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Coordinate dapper duds.

While you’ll without a doubt select a gorgeous ensemble for yourself, be sure to put just as much thought into your love’s outfit as yours. Help him select something that he looks handsome in, and you’ll definitely want to make sure he feels comfortable and confident in whatever he is wearing. Try to steer clear from overtly matching outfits, as this can look contrived and pretty cheesy. Choosing complementary colors for each outfit is a great way to look like a cohesive couple, while avoiding a Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum effect. coordinating engagement outfits 2

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Show off your assets.

When you look back on these photos, you’ll want to make sure you feel confident in the final product. This shoot is a great opportunity to highlight any features you are most proud of, so be sure to select clothing items that you feel flatter your body best. Throw on some fun heels to accentuate your fabulous stems, or opt for a sleeveless dress to flaunt your expertly toned Michelle Obama arms.

Comfort is key.

No matter what clothing you end up in, it’s most important that you choose items that you both feel comfortable, confident, and attractive in. If that means you both end up in jeans and casual shirts, your happiness will shine through much more sincerely than if you are in a starched, tight-fitting getup that doesn’t capture who you are at all. Try out a few different options to find something that is easy to move in and looks great in photos (the combination of these two is absolutely possible!) casual engagement photos

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Have your makeup done.

An engagement shoot is a great opportunity to utilize a bridal makeup trial. If you are opting to have your makeup professionally done for your nuptials, you’ll definitely want to schedule a trial ahead of time, so this would serve as a perfect occasion to have your face looking nice and fresh. If you’re foregoing the professional makeup on your big day, wearing just a bit of concealer, a touch of mascara, and a dab of blush will go a long way. Digital cameras are bound to pick up every last detail on your face, so ensuring you and your partner are properly groomed is an important aspect in properly preparing for this session… ask your dude to shave and comb his hair, too! engagement outfit tips 2

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Throw in a costume change!

If you’ve decided to shoot at multiple locations, having a couple outfits on hand isn’t a bad idea to create some interesting dimension to your shoot. Having more than one option is also a safe bet, if for some reason you discover after the shoot that you hated how your dress hung, or realized your light colored skirt was see-through. Ending up with a variety of images with numerous outfit options will give you much more flexibility in selecting your favorite final images.

Think of your surroundings.

Are you posing for your shots in a barn or in a  field? It may be best to skip your cute (but impractical) heels and formal dresses. If you’re shooting in an urban area, wearing cowboy boots probably doesn’t make much sense. Think of what locations you’ve chosen and make sure your outfits complement your setting. casual engagement outfits 2

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Anticipate action shots.

Are you envisioning photos of your man sweeping you off your feet? Maybe you’re hoping to incorporate a tandem bicycle shot or image of you jumping or climbing. These types of active shots are extremely popular in engagement photography, so you want to be sure you’re not sporting a super short skirt or a revealing low-cut top that you constantly have to adjust. Discussing your vision with your photographer ahead of time will give you a better idea of what you should be dressing for. If you’ve got your heart set on wearing a certain item of revealing clothing, consider throwing on some shorts or a tank top underneath, so you can move freely and without worry. fun engagement pictures

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Dress like you’re together.

If you’ve decided on a fabulous floor-length dress with sequin detailing, you’ll want to make sure your fiancé fits your level of dressiness. If his selection for the day is shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, you better believe you won’t look like a cohesive couple. No matter what you end up wearing, you’ll want to look like you are dressed for the same occasion, so coordinating your outfits as a team is crucial to creating a gorgeous image.

Consider movement of clothing.

The way your dress moves in the breeze can add a very special element to a shot, so look for pieces that have movement and breathability to create ethereal, dreamy shots. Lighting and the wind can play huge parts in how your clothing appears, so finding a photographer who can capture these small details is huge. engagement outfit tips

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Avoid distracting prints and colors.

While a plaid shirt or chunky striped skirt could look fabulous in photos, you won’t want to play around with prints too much for these photos. If you are opting to wear a print, be sure your partner is dressed in solids, so as to avoid funky clashing. Also keep in mind that some prints can look very distorted on camera, and it’s generally a good idea to stick with solids in jewel tones or hues that complement your natural skin tone. It’s also smart to avoid bold neon clothing, as this can cause light to reflect on your skin in unflattering ways, and will make for funny final photos.

Add a bold accessory or two.

Add a bit of visual interest to your outfit by wearing a fun pair of shoes for a pop of color, or throw in a statement necklace. You won’t want to over-accessorize or distract from the other elements of these photos, but one or two bold accessories will really complete your entire outfit. Your man may want to even look into wearing a fun bowtie, saddle shoes, or suspenders to really amplify his look. This is a great chance for him to show off his personal style, so have fun with adding some unique details that show your own sense of fashion! casual engagement outfits

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Wear clothing you LOVE!

Whatever outfits you and your fiancé decide on, make sure you absolutely love the clothing. Once you’re dressed, you shouldn’t be distracted with uncomfortable fit or having to adjust your hem or neckline. Choose items that help you exude confidence, so you can focus your efforts on having a fun, memorable session! You may also like... youre-engaged-now-what Top-2016-Wedding-Trends 28-Wedding-Surprises-&-How-to-Prepare

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Alex Dean
May 16, 2019 08:35

In preparing for my wedding, I have been gathering idea of how we might want to do our engagement pictures. One thing I never thought about when it came to choosing the clothing for the pictures is considering the surroundings, even though it’s something I should have. It makes sense that I would want to find outfits that will complement the setting of our special occasion photoshoot. One thing I think that might also be smart for couples to think about is making sure that you have ideas of how you might want to pose in your outfits, that way you can kind of test them out and make sure that you are comfortable in that position in that outfit. Thanks for the different ideas and insight!

May 16, 2019 08:35

My biggest tips are: Plan ahead of time, pick something you love, and something that is comfortable. I totally regret what I wore in my engagement photographs. I remember waking up that morning in a panic not knowing what to wear – and it really was the wrong outfits. Thanks for sharing.

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