Thank You Cards: Rules of Thumb for Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette.

Phew! You made it through your wedding….now it’s time to follow up on the loads of love you received. The most common way to show your appreciation for your guests' attendance or a wedding gift is to send wedding thank you cards.  Writing thank you cards should be simple and your message should be sweet and to the point.

Follow these helpful wedding thank you card tips:

1)      Handwrite and personalize each and every thank you card.  Handwritten cards express your true sincere appreciation.  Stay away from preprinted; Preprinted cards are often less meaningful.

2)      Don’t forget to send bridal party as well as wedding thank yous.  It is appropriate to send a person one thank you card in appreciation of their bridal party attendance and wedding gift.

3)      Bridal shower thank you cards are also very important, and call for their own thank you card separate from the wedding thank you cards.  Be sure to thank those for their planning and their gifts.  Bridal shower thank yous should be mailed out within ten days of the shower, while wedding thank you cards should be sent out no later than eight weeks after the wedding.

4)      Include your return address on each card.  The recipients will appreciate having a current address.  If you're anticipating a move in the near future, you could also include your new address at the end.

5)      When you begin writing, never start with the phrase “Thank you for…”.  Wording shouldn't be tricky.  Simply open  your cards with a personalized comment for each recipient.

Here’s an example of wedding thank you card wording:

Dear Aunt Susan, I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful aunt to share my wedding day with.  Jim and I absolutely love our new dish set and will think of you every time we use it.  You're such a thoughtful aunt, friend, and godmother.  Thank you so much for your love, kindness, and wonderful wedding gift. Thank you, Mary Hall Follow these wedding thank you card tips and you’ll have perfect thank you card etiquette. Congratulations on your marriage!  I hope your new life is filled with love, happiness, and health. ~Laura Lou Want more? “Like” Wedding Shoppe Inc. on Facebook and “Follow” Wedding Shoppe Inc. on Twitter. My Weddding Chat and Wedding Shoppe Inc. are here to guide you through your entire engagement and wedding planning experience.

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