TCBA Wedding Fair Ticket Giveaway: Kelsey's Proposal Story

TCBA Wedding Fair Ticket Giveaway: Kelsey's Proposal Story

Our proposal story:

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My fiancé took me to Naples, Florida, over winter break. While we were there, I kept joking about how beautiful it would be for him to propose there (emphasis on joking!). We spent a wonderful week there, and on the last day, he told me he was taking me to the Ritz for dinner. If you have never been to the Ritz, it is one of the most expensive places to eat. I told him he didn’t need to take me there, but he insisted that I get all dolled up and ready for a special night. After I found the dress I wanted to wear and did my hair and makeup, there was a knock at my door. It was my soon-to-be-fiancé, Zach, in a suit and tie, ready to take me out on the town. But first, we first visited his grandparents, who continued to take photos of us, acting suspiciously excited that Zach and I were “going to dinner”. We got to the Ritz a little early, so we walked around and stopped in all the stores around it. We found one store that had a lot of blown glass and diamond things inside. I found a glass heart that is about 8 inches long, with purple and blue mixed in the middle. I absolutely loved it, and as I walked out to check the next place, I had a bag slipped in my hand. Zach had bought the heart for me! When we finally got to dinner, all of the waitresses were treating us like a king and a queen. We were seated at my fiancé’s grandparents' regular table, and the piano lady played a song for us. My fiancé was acting very nervous, but I just thought it was the fancy place that made him nervous. He went to the restroom (he later told me, that he was in there, figuring out how to propose) and gave the ring to the waiter, to put on my plate. We ate our dinner and talked a lot, which was a lot of fun, and while we were eating, I noticed that the bartender kept smiling at us, seeming very excited for... something. A while later, I saw our dessert coming towards us, but then the waiter carrying it, did a turn and walked the other way. I knew it was our dessert, because the waiter was only helping us, so I was confused... Then, I saw the bartender walk over and grab one plate, while the waiter brought the other. I could see something written on one of the plates, but I thought it was just the plate's design. The bartender set my soufflé plate in front of me. The bottom of the plate read, “Will you marry me?,” in chocolate. When I first read this, I had no idea what was going on... and then I saw the ring, placed perfectly on the corner of the plate. I started to cry, which is when my Zach got down on one knee and asked and put it on my finger. After things calmed down, the piano player played When I Fall in Love, and told us that this would be our song for the rest of our lives. After dinner, we walked back to his grandparents' house, where we all met, before heading back to the Ritz, for celebratory drinks. I don’t believe I will ever forget that night, and I give my fiancé the most props, because no one can surprise me. I ruin any surprise, because I ask too many questions. One thing that was extraspecial about this night (other then the proposal, of course) is the fact that the Ritz always has fresh flowers on the tables. The flowers on the tables that night just happened to be my favorite flower, the Calla Lilly. I thought my fiancé had planned it, but to this day, he says he didn’t. designer wedding dresses


Thanks for submitting your proposal story, Kelsey!

Be sure to leave some love for her and her fiance in the comments below for her chance to win a pair of Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair tickets! The winner will be announced on October 3rd, 2011. We wish you the best of luck, Kelsey!

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