Sweet Endings: Creative Wedding Cakes and Desserts

If there’s one motto I live by, it’s this: “After you eat, you must enjoy a sweet treat,” so it should come as no surprise that one of my favorite aspects of a wedding is the dessert.

Creative wedding cakes and desserts.

I love wedding desserts in all shapes and forms—from the traditional wedding cake to the more modern dessert bar that couples are opting for today.  With the help of Coppersmith Photography in Minneapolis, I would like to show you some of my favorite wedding dessert options and yes, they all taste just as good as they look. Also check out our blog: "Fun, Unique Wedding Cake Designs" for more ideas!

Traditional cakes.

It used to be believed that having a traditional wedding cake granted prosperity and fertility to the newly married couple.  While we all wish those things for the bride and groom, we no longer believe that their marriage is held in the hands of a traditional white wedding cake.  If a couple chooses to have a wedding cake at their wedding reception, bakers everywhere offer endless options, such as creative flavors and color schemes that blend in perfectly with your wedding style.  The way wedding cakes are decorated is no longer traditional, either.  Made to be more like edible art, wedding cakes today are beautiful renditions of anything that the bride and groom want—the wedding flowers, replicas of the wedding dress details, etc.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Desserts on a budget.

If having wedding cake is important to you but your budget doesn’t allow you to have 5 towering tiers of it, there are other ways to be creative with your wedding cake.  It is often easier on the budget to have many smaller cakes and feature them at each table, possibly even serving as part of your centerpieces.  Another way to still enjoy the whole wedding cake experience is to have cupcakes at each table or displayed in a cupcake tower.  Featuring smaller versions of your favorite wedding cakes is a wonderful way to incorporate the wedding cake tradition into your reception menu but costs less than having one large cake.

Sweet alternative options.

Even if you’re not a fan of wedding cake, there are other wedding dessert options available to satisfy your sweet tooth.  One of the most popular ideas today is to offer a dessert bar to your guests.  A dessert bar can be personalized to feature your favorite desserts with as much or as little variety as you would like.  For example, if both you and your fiancé huge fans of cheesecake, you could have many different kinds of cheesecake displayed for guests to choose from.  The same idea can be accomplished with pie if you’re both pie lovers.  Dessert bars are lovely ways to personalize your menu and your guests will love the variety of confections they have to choose from.

Tasty take-aways.

Offering dessert after the reception meal is a must, but brides and grooms are also offering delectable goodies that double as favors and late-night snacks while everyone is dancing the night away.  Providing guests at a dessert bar with take home bags or boxes is a way for guests to enjoy the wedding treats even after the celebration is over.  Another way to get creative with your wedding dessert and wedding favors is to set up cupcake or cookie decorating stations with different frostings and edible decorations.  Guests can decorate their treats and take them home or eat them at the reception when their late night hunger strikes.  Who doesn’t love to decorate their own edible masterpiece? These options, along with many others, prove that wedding dessert is finally stepping outside of the wedding cake box. With every other aspect of a couple’s wedding reflecting their personalities, it only makes sense to get creative with your wedding desserts as well.  So take a cue from us and delight your guests and your palette by ending your meal and evening with a sweet treat, no matter what it is.  We can all use a little more sweetness in our lives, right? Other Posts You'll Love: Best Wedding Favors Beautiful Backyard Weddings Want more?  Like Wedding Shoppe Inc. on Facebook and Follow Wedding Shoppe Inc. on Twitter. My Wedding Chat and Wedding Shoppe Inc. expert wedding bloggers are here to guide you throughout your entire wedding planning experience.

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Liane Laurion
May 16, 2019 06:41

I planned a wedding and reception at a resort on the North Shore. In keeping with the location we arranged to serve a variety of pies from Betty’s Pie Shop, a North Shore tradition!

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