Stylish Summer Wedding Suits

Stylish Summer Wedding Suits
Wearing a formal suit, layered with a dress shirt, tie, and slacks, on a sweltering summer day can get quite uncomfortable. You want to fondly remember the weddings you attend, whether it’s your own or a loved one’s, and not just how scorching hot you were. By choosing fabrics that breathe and light colors instead of dark, you’ll be much more comfortable during your summer wedding day. Consider this advice when shopping for a suit for wedding season or you and your groomsmen’s wedding attire! summer wedding suits

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Select wedding attire in a lightweight and breathable fabric.

When layering during the warm summer months, it is important to choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. Dress shirts made of cotton or a cotton-bled fabric will allow airflow and are good for staying cool. Pair a cotton shirt with a cotton, linen, or wool suit for wedding season. This will help keep you feeling cool and looking stylish!

Choose a light-colored suit for wedding season.

Dark colors absorb heat, while light colors reflect it. When shopping for summer wedding attire, aim for reflective hues. White, cream, and champagne shades look elegant and refreshing and will also help keep you from becoming overheated. (If you’re a guest and are worried that wearing white would be rude, check with the couple first.) If you are having an evening formal wedding, you may want dark-colored summer wedding suits for you and your groomsmen. Try pairing dark-colored jackets and slacks with light-colored shirts and ties to create a still summery ensemble.
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Pair the right accessories with summer wedding suits.

Once you choose the perfect suit for wedding season in a light color and lightweight fabric, you must accessorize appropriately. Match the tone of your suit with a light-colored tie, and then shop for shoes, cufflinks, and maybe even stylish sunglasses! Shoes should be light in color or material to compliment the suit, and a stylish pair of shades could give you and your groomsmen the perfect finishing touch.

What’s the best advice you have heard for shopping summer wedding suits? Tell us below!

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