2. How to Use Wedding Undergarments as Your Something Blue

2. How to Use Wedding Undergarments as Your Something Blue
An easy way to include lucky blue without it clashing with your color scheme is to wear something blue underneath your dress. This is a popular option because the color is concealed, but be aware that it could also lead to an awkward conversation when your new grandmother-in-law asks to see your ‘something blue’!

Oh La La Bridal Lingerie

Wear something blue wedding undergarments.

The simplest solution is to wear blue wedding underwear. You can purchase blue underwear or you could dye bridal-specific undergarments. You could also add a blue ribbon or blue stitching if you prefer not to dye a more delicate item. Flattering wedding lingerie is a surefire way to make your wedding night really special. Imagine the look on your new spouse’s face when you reveal you chose to wear a sexy blue bustier beneath your gown! If you need help deciding what type of wedding undergarments you should wear with your bridal gown, check out our advice in a previous post.

Wear a something blue wedding slip, hoop skirt, or petticoat.

Depending on the type of wedding dress you select, you may need a wedding slip, hoop skirt, or petticoat. Why not show your personality with a little blue tulle peeking out beneath your dress? This is a fantastic way to match your bridesmaids while keeping a traditional white dress.
 wedding slip  bridal garter

Wear a something blue bridal garter. 

Finally, some brides choose to wear a blue bridal garter. Keep in mind that if you use a wedding garter and decide to have a garter toss, you won’t have your good luck charm the whole night or as a keepsake. Of course, you could always purchase a garter set; this is a perfect option for brides who want to keep their wedding garter as a memento and also have a garter toss. A great example is this beautiful Heart and Rhinestone Garter Set (above). Hopefully these ideas for blue wedding undergarments were helpful! If you are looking for something blue you can show off, be sure to check out our other blog posts for more ideas!

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