Small, Intimate Wedding Ideas for a Big Guest List

Small, Intimate Wedding Ideas for a Big Guest List
You’ve spent weeks pouring over your guest list, considering which second cousins you can cut and which great aunts get an invite. You want a small, intimate affair, but can’t get below that necessary number. Before you revoke another invite, take a look at these small, intimate wedding ideas that will make a large guest list seem smaller.

Small, intimate wedding ideas for a large guest list.


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1. Experiment with seating arrangements.

Instead of setting up long isles of chairs, consider having your wedding ceremony in the round. You’ll be the center of attention, and your guests will have a better view of your vows. This seating arrangement creates a cozy ambiance, mimicking the greatest aspect of a small wedding. What about the walk in? Set it up like a spiral so you can float by every guest.

2. Strategically place the wedding party’s table.

Be sure that no one misses the toasts by strategically placing the wedding party’s table during dinner. Like the seating arrangement for the ceremony, in the round is a unique way to bring you closer to your guests, allowing you to cultivate intimacy on such a big day. Set up your table in the center of the dining room, so you can be close to all of the ones you love.

3. Have your first dance on a stage.

One of the hardest parts about large weddings is not being able to see the bride and groom. Rid your guests of this worry by sharing your first dance as husband and wife on an elevated stage. That way no one will miss a step of your romantic dance. Planning-a-Small-Wedding

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4. Keep it cozy.

Think warm, rustic colors. Lots of candlelight. A menu filled with everyone’s favorite comfort foods. Yard games to make mingling easy, or a great playlist that features songs from every decade and genre. How can you bring everyone together to celebrate your love story? That’s the key to an intimate affair.

5. Small ceremony, big party!

Intimacy matters most in your ceremony. If you're still nervous about a large group, here's the back-up plan. To guarantee an intimate atmosphere, invite a small group of your closest loved ones to watch you tie the knot. Once you’ve said your vows and had a bite to eat, the rest of your guests can come for dancing and late night snacks! Think pizza or bite-sized grilled cheese! Consider these three small, intimate wedding ideas to create a quaint vibe on your big day. Instead of hurting some feelings, invite everyone and get creative!

How else can you plan a small wedding with a big guest list? Let us know in the comment section!

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