Secrets Unveiled: Shopping for Wedding Veils

Secrets Unveiled: Shopping for Wedding Veils
Shopping for wedding veils is often a highlight of a bride’s wedding planning. Few things shout ‘bridal’ like a long, white tuft of tulle! There are a lot of options for personalizing your veil, as well as crucial decisions that need to be made (how it will attach to your hair, for example). Much of the decision-making process can be done before you even look at your first veil. Keep reading for tips on how to prepare for veil shopping and find out which big decisions you should start thinking about! Wedding Veils

Be prepared when shopping for wedding veils.

Decide how you will be wearing your hair. Most types of wedding veils work best with hair that is locked in place, rather than loose. Wearing your hair up, fully or partially, makes it easier to affix a veil that is attached to a comb. Veils attached to a headband are convenient for hair that is left down. Some veils are versatile enough to be worn regardless of your hairstyle. If you have very short hair, this will also affect your options when veil shopping. Consider veils that are fixed to barrettes. Decide what length of veil you’re looking for. This is often dependent on your dream dress. For example, if you want to show off an illusion back, you’ll need a shorter veil. If your gown is tea-length, you’ll want a veil that ends above the hem. Consider whether you want edging, and if so, what type. There are almost endless options for veil edging, ranging from lace, to beading, to ribbon. Of course, choosing a simple veil without edging can be beautiful, especially if you don’t want to encumber an embellished dress. Choose what type of fabric you’d like your veil to be made of. If you want to show off the back of your dress, choose a sheer fabric. Certain types of edging can only be added to specific fabrics, so ask an attendant first if you have your heart set on something. Even a birdcage veil can be made in a multitude of different types of netting.

Birdcage Veil

Decide if you want a blusher veil. Traditionally considered a necessity, more and more brides are opting out of having a blusher veil to cover their face during the ceremony. If you choose to have a blusher veil, make sure it’s long enough to flip over your head for the big kiss! For a less formal, but still elegant, option, consider wearing a birdcage veil completely or partially over your face. Determine how long you’ll want to keep your veil on. Many brides remove their veil after the first dance, so that they can dance the night away uninhibited. If this is your plan, be sure to choose a veil that you can detach easily from your headpiece. Another option for brides eyeing long wedding veils is to choose one with multiple, detachable layers: this way, you can remove the longest layer or two for mobility and keep the rest for your bridal look! Choose a veil to set off your dress. While important, a veil is still an accessory, so make sure it complements your gown. For example, select a cathedral veil for a Princess Diana-inspired gown or opt for a birdcage veil to match a Gatsby-inspired look. Always wear your wedding dress while trying on final contenders for your bridal veil! Cathedral Veil

How did you prepare for shopping for wedding veils? Tell us about the veil you chose in a comment below!

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Very informative post! I love birdcage veils, and the Gatsby theme is so in! This could be a perfect combo.

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