Shop Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses for Low Prices and High Design

I want my wedding to show my unique taste. While I can show my sense of style in many ways, one of the most striking visual displays of my design sense will be what my bridesmaids wear. The Dessy Collection by Vivian Diamond has many unique, affordable styles for me to choose from. I know that I can find a reflection of my own vision in these fashionable, wearable designs. Shop the Dessy Collection and discover design.

Shop Dessy bridesmaid dresses for the latest trends.

Dessy Collection 2887 Dessy Bridesmaid 2895
For a while there I was going to go all rustic on my wedding, and then I decided I wanted something more stylish. After I found my own Gatsby-inspired gown, I knew my ladies would need a look similar to my own. I love the sleek early-Hollywood glamour of style 2895, with its chiffon and draping. Do you know how light and airy chiffon is? Perfect for my outdoor wedding where the fabric will be fluttering in the slightest breeze. I also know that the colors will match because look at that seemingly endless color chart!

These dresses won’t break the bank.

Because I want to do everything my way, including finding the caterer and making almost all of the decorations, I am super-conscious of the bills that are piling up. The Dessy Collection is totally within what I ask my ‘maids to spend. In addition to the plane tickets and hotel rooms, they needed a little cash for our evenings out! Since these dresses all run under $200 (and I want to leave room for alterations), I feel like my girls have a little pocket change left over for going out the night before my big day.
Dessy 2894 Dessy Bridesmaid Dress 2897

Dessy bridesmaid dresses feature re-wearable fashions.

My main hope is that my bridesmaids will want to wear their looks after the show. So many gowns get hung up in the closet and are never brought out again. The styles designed by Vivian Diamond brings those beautiful trends and fashions right to my big day and for events long after. Whether worn again at another wedding, cocktail party, or even a fancy garden party, they’ll be styled perfectly.

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@DessyGroup bridesmaid dresses are all about high fashion and low prices: Which look is your favorite?

May 16, 2019 07:46

New Blog Post: Shop Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses for Low Prices and High Design

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