Ring Bearer Ideas for Your Big Day

Ring Bearer Ideas for Your Big Day
Wedding traditions are so fun to partake in—especially the cute ones. We all know that traditions are even better when a couple adds their personal twist. Your ring bearer will inevitably be adorable, but how can you make this role unique to your big day? We’ve composed a list of ring bearer ideas that will help you and your husband-to-be make sure the littlest groomsman gets even more “oohh’s” and “aahh’s” than usual. ring bearer and flower girl holding hands

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Unique (and adorable) ring bearer ideas.

Two is better than one.

I love when a couples have multiple mini groomsmen. The antics between two young boys is always entertaining! You can also send the little man and lady down together holding hands. Have them carry signs that say “He Asked…” and “She Said Yes!”

A family affair.

If you or your fiancé has children, having them bear the bands is a sweet way to involve them in the ceremony. It signifies their role in the relationship, representing their own commitment to the new family. They are sure to feel special, as they are now involved in presenting their new family to the world!

Ring Security.

On-trend and oh-so-adorable is the Ring Security twist. Give your little man sunglasses, a badge, and a fake earpiece to go with his tux. Purchase a small child’s safe (that’s easy to open!) and place the bands inside. Voila! You now have a creative new role and a thrilled little boy.

For animal lovers.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend. If this true of you and your fiancé, you may want to consider having your furry family member walk down the aisle at your wedding ceremony. A cute collar with a special pocket or pillow for the rings is a fun way to let your guests in on a big part of your life. And honestly, who doesn’t love having a playful pup around (just make sure your venue is animal-friendly). If you have a young boy who deserves the role, have him walk or carry your pet.

Stick with Tradition.

There are times that you don’t need to overthink elements of your wedding. If you have a family member or friend who would make the perfect ring bearer, let them play the part the old fashioned way. They are sure to love getting all dressed up for such an important role. If you have a little man in your life that is too small to take on the role, consider having him pulled down the aisle in a wagon. Decorate the wagon to match your theme!

Adorable attire.

Bond Black Peanut Butter Tux Peanut Butter Tux Gray The easiest way to make your little man unique is with his outfit. Suspenders with a boy tie, a tiny tux, or a mini version of your groom’s attire will make everyone oohh and aahh. Start shopping >> These five ideas are fun ways to let someone special partake in your love story. Do you have any innovative ring bearer ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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