The Hottest Trends in Dresses for Prom 2012

Prom is all about getting dolled up and looking your best. I mean, the school year is finally almost over, and now is your chance to show off your fab style to all your friends, while you dance and party the night away.

The hottest trends in designer prom dresses 2012.

Prom is a night that you'll remember for the rest of your life, so, obviously, when you're shopping for your prom dress, whether you're looking for long, elegant prom gowns or super cute short prom dresses, you want to pick the absolute hottest style - one that you love, and one that'll make all the other prom girls positively green with envy. To make sure you have the best prom ever, the fashion experts at Wedding Shoppe Inc. have done some trend forecasting, and picked out the hottest prom trends, to help you pick a fab style and rock your prom. Shop all of our amazing prom dresses!>> Jovani Peacock Dress 111054 Backless Prom Dresses: Sherri Hill 1458 Prom Dress

Short prom dresses.

Back in the day, girls pretty much only wore long prom gowns, but nowadays, short prom dresses have grown to be super popular. Short prom dresses are great, because not only are they cute, but they're way easier to dance in, and you won't have to worry about anyone stepping on your dress! Plus, you're way more likely to be able to wear a short prom dress again, so you get more bang for your buck! The following is just one of the many short prom dress styles at Wedding Shoppe Inc. (Wanna see more? You can shop the large selection of short prom dress styles on!)

Faviana 6626 prom dress

High-low prom dresses.

Hellooo high low prom dresses! We can't get enough of the high low hem, it's just so fabulous; and since high low prom dresses are part long gown, part short 'n sweet frock, you get the best of both worlds (Remember Hannah Montana? Lol.) Anyways, here's a small sampling of the ultra-fashion-forward high low prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

High Low Prom Dresses: Flirt Prom Dress P2673

The sheer overlay chiffon skirt prom dress.

The sheer overlay chiffon skirt maxi dress is so fashion savvy, and it translates perfect to prom fashion. If you like high low prom dresses, then you'll probably love this style, too! The following is one of the fabulous sheer overlay chiffon skirt prom dress styles, available at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

Sheer Overlay Chiffon Skirt Prom Dress: Flirt Prom Dress P2615

Punk rock prom dresses.

Punk rock style, originally brought to the forefront of the fashion world by Vivenne Westwood (and featured on the hottest high-fashion runways of a ton of other top designers, including Jean Paul Gaultier) is super trendy right now, so naturally, punk rock prom dresses are all the rage. Punk rock prom dresses are an edgy, daring style, and with the hot styles at Wedding Shoppe Inc., all the other prom girls will wish they had the guts to pull off your style. The following is just one of the fabulous punk rock prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe Inc.

Punk Rock Prom Dresses: Flirt Prom Dress P1607

Backless prom dresses.

Backless prom dresses are an elegant, classy way to show a little skin. Every time a celebrity wears a backless gown on the red carpet, the photogs go wild, so that should give you a pretty good idea of just how hot backless prom dresses are. Here is one of our fave styles:

Backless Prom Dresses: Sherri Hill 1520 Prom Dress

Super sparkly sequin prom dresses.

Who doesn't love to shine, right? With the allover sequin prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc., all eyes will be on you - for all the right reasons. The following is a teensy-tiny taste of the most fabulous glitzy sequin prom dresses in the world, available at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

Sequin Prom Dresses: Flirt Prom Dress P4680

Exotic prom dresses.

Exotic prom dresses are hot, hot, hot! Animal prints are seriously everywhere in fashion right now, and with pink and leopard print prom dress styles and other exotic prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc., you know you'll be the trendiest trendsetter at your prom.

Exotic Prom Dresses: Mori Lee Prom Dress 91023

The neon prom dress: Hot pink prom and lime green.

A neon prom dress is sure to make you stand out from the crowd, and with tons of neon prom dress styles to choose from at Wedding Shoppe Inc., from hot pink prom dresses to lime green prom dresses, you'll be sure to grab the limelight. The following are a couple of the most amazing, scene-stealing hot pink prom dresses and lime green prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe Inc. Hot pink prom dresses:

Hot Pink Prom Dresses: Sherri Hill 2827 Prom Dress

Lime green prom dresses:

Lime Green Prom Dresses: Jovani Prom Dress 30002

Vintage prom dresses.

Vintage prom dresses = love, love, LOVE! The whole vintage style thing is so in right now, and we love it. Plus, with the modern styling of the vintage prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc., how could you possibly go wrong?

Vintage Prom Dresses: Night Moves by Allure Prom Dress A550

This alluring dress from Allure's prom collection has the glamorous appeal of Old Hollywood style. We love. And if you love hot pink prom dresses, this Allure prom dress can be ordered in fuchsia (show above in black and purple, respectively).

Cutout prom dresses.

Cutout prom dresses are an ever-growing trend, and the cutout prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc. are the best you'll find. (We know cutout prom dresses aren't for everyone, so make sure your parents approve of your dress selection before you purchase it (cute prom dresses don't do anyone any good if you're grounded, right?)

Cutout Prom Dresses: Mori Lee 91131

Corset prom dresses.

Corset prom dresses make you look skinny mini! Because corset prom dresses give you that coveted hourglass figure, you'll feel confident and beautiful on prom night. Yay!

Corset Prom Dresses: Jovani Prom Dress 172008

Feather prom dresses.

Feathers, feathers, feathers! We heart feather prom dresses.

Feather Prom Dresses: Sherri Hill 2914 Prom Dress

This ultra-fab, short white prom dress has a feathery skirt, and we absolutely adore it!

Be one of a kind in unique prom dresses.

The last thing you want is to show up to your prom, only to find out that another girl at your school has picked out the same dress as you, right? That's why, at Wedding Shoppe, Inc., we register your dress, as soon you purchase it. Then, if another girl from your school stops by to shop our tremendous selection of prom gowns, and she happens to pick the same exact style and color as your dress, she won't be able to purchase it, because you've already registered that style! Phew! Right? Well, there you have it, the hottest trends in prom gowns for Prom 2012. How excited are you for prom?! Shopping for prom gowns is always a blast, especially at Wedding Shoppe Inc. and Let us know what you think of the exotic prom dresses, punk rock prom dresses, and all the other fab trends shown here, in a comment below! (And stay on the lookout for more posts on cute prom dresses for Prom 2012!)

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