Plan a Peacock Themed Wedding With These Unique Ideas

Plan a Peacock Themed Wedding With These Unique Ideas
Peacocks are considered to be symbolic of faithfulness, and are said to die of grief if one loses its mate. This intense loyalty makes the peacock a perfect inspiration for your wedding theme. This bird is also often a symbol of beauty, pride, and immortality; all aspects of your wedding day. A peacock themed wedding might be the perfect way to celebrate your love for your partner.

A peacock themed wedding will add beauty and meaning to your special day.

There are many ways to incorporate the peacock into your wedding planning, whether you want it to be the central theme or a subtle detail here and there. One option is to use the peacock feather as the focus of your day. You can choose to have peacock patterned accessories, peacock feathers in your bouquet, and peacock themed wedding decor.

Consider more subtle peacock wedding ideas.

If you'd prefer to go a more subtle route, you could choose to use only the colors of the peacock. Peacock blue, green, and purple are a stunning and meaningful color scheme that you're sure to remember fondly. Consider peacock blue bridesmaid dresses with green or purple shoes and accessories.

 peacock themed wedding

Dive into your theme with a peacock wedding dress.

Some of the most creative peacock wedding ideas are about incorporating the theme into your bridal gown. One way to create a peacock wedding dress is to decorate a bridal sash or belt with peacock feathers or a peacock brooch. A more abstract peacock wedding dress might have a particularly long and decorated train or be a high-low silhouette in resemblance of the peacock's prime feature. Another method is to find a bridal gown that simply makes you feel as proud and beautiful as a peacock! However you decide to plan your peacock themed wedding, you're sure to cherish the memories accentuated by this beautiful and meaningful theme. If you have peacock wedding ideas you'd like to share, leave a comment below! We can't wait to hear from you!

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