The Secrets of Perfect Group Wedding Photo Poses

The Secrets of Perfect Group Wedding Photo Poses
Staged photos can easily come out looking… well, staged! Romantic wedding photography poses where you have all of the members of your wedding party together are a must. It is also enjoyable to create fun bridesmaid pictures that show off everyone’s personalities coming together. Luckily, there are some great ways to get these shots and still come out with photographs that look relaxed, beautiful, and natural. wedding photo poses

Photo by A. Whitmore Photography

Do your research and recreate wedding photo poses you love.

The best way to decide on your “must have” wedding photo poses is to do a little research. Looking at friends’ and family’s wedding pictures and browsing online at unique photographs are great ways to gain inspiration. Even if you don’t want to have the same exact photo, you can always take inspiration to put your own unique twist on poses. Present any romantic wedding photography poses and fun bridesmaid pictures that you find to your photographer. Their job is to please you with images you will cherish forever and most photographers will be more than happy to recreate preferred pictures for you. fun bridesmaid pictures

Photo by A. Whitmore Photography

The best way to create fun bridesmaid pictures is to have fun!

The best group photographs are those with a feel of playfulness and ease. You and your wedding party should relax and have fun with each other during your photography session. Memorable group wedding photo poses sometimes occur naturally if you’re enjoying yourselves. Make sure your photographer knows the type of fun bridesmaid pictures you expect, and they will take care of capturing them while also making everyone look great.

Photo by A. Whitmore Photography

Focus on the love you feel for perfectly romantic wedding photography poses.

While it may seem like spending hours taking professional photographs is exhausting, it can actually be a great time to have fun with your wedding party and connect with your partner. Instead of worrying about remembering all of the romantic wedding photography poses you want to fit in, just focus on the excitement of being a newlywed, (not to mention how attractive your love looks in formal wear!) If you let yourself be enveloped in the love you feel for your new spouse, you will come away with special memories and lovely pictures.

Do you have any other tips for capturing the perfect group wedding photo poses? Comment below!

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Wedding Shoppe Blogger: Meghan Z
May 16, 2019 07:26

Molly— Tell your sister congratulations!! If she has any questions about planning her wedding she’d like to see here on the blog, or if she wants to share with us any of her wedding tips or experience, have her email us at!

We’re so excited for her and you! Thanks for sharing!

Molly S
May 16, 2019 07:26

My sister is getting married next spring and tends to be on the more conservative side and thinks she would look foolish doing crazy poses. I will have to share this with her so her wedding pictures don’t come off so “pose-y” and boring.

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