On Sale: The Best Ring Bearer Tux for Your Best Little Man!

What’s cuter than a little boy in a tuxedo? Give up? The answer is nothing. Nothing is cuter (at least in my opinion!). It can be hard to find ring bearer tuxedos for less, but never fear! From June 17-30, 2012, all ring bearer tux styles and ring bearer pillows are 10% off, making it easy to find a tuxedo and pillow combination that will make your special little man look as dapper as can be.

Find Ring bearer tuxedos for less at Wedding Shoppe Inc.

Find your ring bearer tuxedos for $40 or less in no time flat!

It can be difficult to decide how to dress your ring bearer because it’s hard to justify the expense of buying a tuxedo for a child to wear just once. The great thing about the Peanut Butter Collection is their ability to offer ring bearer tuxedos for less. Plus, oh my goodness, they are cute! You’ll get to choose what color shirt, vest, and tie you want to coordinate with the matching jacket and pants of your new ring bearer tuxedo.

The Peanut Butter collection has many different colors and styles to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect new ring bearer tuxedo to match your wedding aesthetic. So whether you’re in a James Bond classic black tux mood or you're throwing a vintage-inspired day, you’ll find a great ring bearer tux to match. The best part? Each new ring bearer tuxedo is VERY affordable, with styles starting at around $40. You won’t even have to crack open the piggy bank to buy your ring bearer tux, especially with an extra 10% off!

 Ring bearer tuxedos for less - PB Collection Kevin - Brown  Ring Bearer Tuxedos for less - PB Collection Kevin - Gray

Find the perfect ring bearer pillows to complement your wedding.

Now that you have your dapper little gentleman dressed for your big day, where are you going to store those rings? Ring bearer pillows come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. So, even if you’re not going to trust your ring bearer with your actual rings, at least they will have something perfectly matched to your wedding and your flower girl basket to carry down the aisle.

 Hortense B Hewitt Company Wedding Ring Pillow 11174 Hortense B Hewitt Company Wedding Ring Pillow 83201 Beverly Clark Wedding Ring Pillow 92B
  With so many great ring bearer tux options to choose from, we can’t wait to see what you pick! Send us your ‘Awwww’ worthy pictures! E-mail blog@weddingshoppeinc.com. Other posts we think you'll love: Dapper Ring Bearer Tuxedos from Wedding Shoppe Inc.! Sharp-Dressed Men: Men’s Wedding Suits or Tuxedos?

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