7 Steps to Making Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

7 Steps to Making Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Happy Independence Day! In honor of the holiday, we decided to come up with a fun DIY idea that could help all you wedding planners out there. We chose to design our own patriotic wedding centerpiece! While this easy DIY wedding centerpiece idea is USA-themed, with a few minor tweaks you could use our ideas to design your own wedding centerpiece to match any theme or color scheme!

How to make a patriotic DIY wedding centerpiece:

1. Collect your supplies. You will need glue, scissors, dowel rods, a vase or other container, ribbon, decorative paper, map pins or similar, stickers, and any other decorations you desire. We included painted wooden letter cutouts, but some other ideas are flowers, miniature flags, etc. We found the vase we used at a thrift store for less than a dollar and the rest of the ingredients at a crafts store. If you buy the craft supplies in bulk, we estimate similar centerpieces would cost you around $5-$10 each, depending on the specific supplies you choose. Pretty decent for such creative wedding centerpieces, right?!

Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

2. Decorate your vase (or other container). First we tied a ribbon around the neck of the vase into a bow, and then we added star stickers around the length of the ribbon to add some sparkle. Finally, fill the vase about halfway with sand, potpourri, or glass gems. Most vase fillers will work, but you need something that will keep the dowel rods in place, so water would not.

Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces DIY centerpiece ideas

3. Cut your dowel rods to length. We used three foot dowel rods, but any length will work. Make sure you vary the lengths so that the centerpiece looks filled out and balanced. A good idea is to cut them all a bit longer than you think you'll need to start with--you can always shorten them, but it's tough to add length back on!

wedding centerpiece ideas

4. Make your pinwheels. Cut your decorative paper into the appropriate size squares. We did two 6 in x 6 in squares and one 4 in x 4 in square. Fold the square in half diagonally and crease, and then fold it the opposite way and crease again. Cut along the creases, stopping about a 1/2 inch before the center. Glue one side of each new triangle to the center (as shown below), and push a map pin through all of them. Attach the pinwheel to a dowel with the map pin, and you're done!

Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces DIY Wedding Centerpiece ideas
creative diy centerpiece ideas Patriotic DIY Wedding Centerpiece
easy DIY wedding centerpieces patriotic wedding centerpieces
patriotic DIY centerpieces creative DIY wedding centerpieces

5. Make your shoot of stars. Draw stars on the back of a piece of decorative paper in various sizes. Cut them out and glue them onto a dowel. (Yea...this step is pretty easy).

creative DIY Wedding Centerpieces patriotic DIY Wedding centerpiece

6. Attach anything else you've got to a dowel. We glued our 'USA' letters to dowels. You could also attach different theme-appropriate decorations to dowels or add flowers with long stems. Get creative!

patriotic DIY Wedding centerpiece

7. Arrange everything in your vase. Ta-da! Your DIY wedding centerpiece is finished! How easy was that?

Patriotic DIY Wedding Centerpiece

What suggestions do you have for making easy DIY wedding centerpieces?

DIY projects are so much more fun when you're personalizing them to fit your own style! Comment below to tell us how you would personalize your own DIY wedding centerpiece! Do you have any advice for others looking for more creative DIY wedding centerpiece ideas? Like this post? Subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

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