What Should the Mother of the Bride Wear to the Wedding?

That’s an overwhelming question, isn’t it? You spend hours finding the perfect bridal gown for your daughter, but how do you find perfect mother of the bride dresses? One common complaint about MOB dresses is their lack of spunk or youthfulness, and their staunch formality. It’s time to think outside the box and find a way for you to shine alongside your beautiful daughter.

Mother of the bride dresses

What should the mother of the bride wear to the wedding: The rules.

I remember when my mother was shopping for her mother of the groom dress. She was looking for a specific color that covered what she wanted covered and slimed her in all the right places. After trying on about 400 traditional dresses, she ended with a cute chiffon number that allowed her to wear great support undergarments. It made her feel confident, and you could see that all through the day and night.

Mother of the bride dresses

There aren’t any hard and fast rules about what the mother of the bride should wear to the wedding. A few simple principles to keep in mind: don’t try to outshine or out-dress the bride. It’s her day, and she should be the center of attention. You want to look gorgeous, but you shouldn’t distract from the bride; think about yourself as best supporting actress instead of the lead. It’s also not the day to show a lot of skin. Remember to dress according to the style and feel of the wedding; you want to be stylish and appropriate. If you’re wondering if your dress is ok, ask your daughter. I’m sure she’ll be a fair judge.

The holy grail:  A mother of the bride slimming dress.

We have some stunning mother of the bride dresses here at the Wedding Shoppe, but we also have some stunning dual purpose bridesmaid dresses. Our favorite dress that would work fantastic as an MOB dress is our very own Kennedy Blue Kylie.
Mother of the bride slimming dress mother of the bride slimming dress
We love her. Just imagine finding a cute wrap, stunning necklace, and some comfortable heels to go with this dress. It’s ok to feel a little skeptical about Kylie, especially if you’re not used to slim fitting dress styles. Trust us, the folded ruching is forgiving, flattering, and slimming. We’ve each worn this dress a few times. It’s super comfortable and holds you firm in all the right places. Whether it’s a mother of the bride slimming dress or plus size mother of the bride dresses you’re searching for, Kylie’s just what you’ve been looking for. The most important thing to remember when selecting mother of the bride dresses or plus size mother of the bride dresses is to be comfortable, appropriate, and confident. If that means finding a dress with a jacket or rocking a cute sleeveless number, just remember that it’s the bride’s day to be the center of attention and your day to support her. If you get a few head turns, that just means you’ve done your job well.

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