Most Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses: 10 Traits to Look For

Most Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses: 10 Traits to Look For
We know that women come in all shapes and sizes. While they’re all stunning, a variety of body types makes it difficult to choose one bridesmaid gown. Shopping for bridal party attire can be one of the most challenging tasks when planning your wedding. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of 10 things to consider when you’re looking for the most flattering bridesmaid dresses.

10 Traits of the Most Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses:

1. Ruching: Gowns with pleating in the right places will hide any “flaws” your ‘maids may be self-conscious of. Look for ruching around the waist and bust. Pleated bridesmaid dresses are popular with designers like Bill Levkoff and Alfred Sung.
Alfred Sung D653 Alfred Sung D503
2. Always-Flattering A-Line: Every consultant in our store will say that an A-line is universally flattering and a great go-to when choosing a silhouette. It’ll show off your waist then naturally flare out, giving you enough coverage and plenty of comfort.
Bill Levkoff 768 Bill Levkoff
3. One-Shoulder Neckline: For more coverage and support, I recommend a one-shoulder neckline. This style leaves room for accessorizing, too! Try Spencer or Hannah from Kennedy Blue if you still want the sweetheart detail.
After Six 6646 After Six 6651
4. Mix and Match Necklines: To make every ‘maid comfortable and confident, let them choose the neckline they love the most. Kennedy Blue and Bill Levkoff make mismatched necklines easy to achieve.
Kennedy Blue Hannah  Kennedy Blue Anna
5. Natural Waistline: Shop for styles that highlight the natural waist. A belt or some bling near the narrowest part of a woman’s figure will be very slimming and chic.
Dessy 2882 Dessy 2894
6. Sleek in Sleeves: Whether you choose cap or long sleeves, a little arm coverage can help a lot. Sleeves are on-trend right now, especially in the Watters collection.
Watters Willow  Watters Hawthorn
7. Matte Fabrics: Shiny textiles will show every bump and curve on a woman’s figure. Chiffon is my favorite fabric for bridal party attire, and you’ll find that almost every designer has embraced it.
Bill Levkoff 778 Bill Levkoff 749
8. Wrap Dresses: Wouldn’t it be ideal if every ‘maid could design her dream dress? It’s possible with the Dessy Twist Wrap. These affordable gowns are a dozen styles in one!
Dessy Twist 1 Dessy Twist 2
9. Two-Toned Attire: When done right, two-toned gowns are very flattering. Bari Jay has a variety of multi-colored styles. You can see that the use of vertical stripes creates an elongating effect every woman would love.
Bari Jay 870 Bill Levkoff 880
10. Colors to Consider: Yes, black is always flattering, but it may not be right for your wedding! Teal, eggplant, gray, and navy are flattering shades too keep in mind. If you choose a neutral palette for your bridal party attire, add a pop of color with accessories.
Dessy 2908 Dessy 2906

Our favorite designers for flattering bridal party attire.

Some of the most bridesmaid dresses are found in collections by our favorite designers here at the Shoppe. Discover looks from Alfred Sung, Bill Levkoff, Dessy, Watters, or Kennedy Blue and you’ll find all of the traits listed above! Find a look with even one of these characteristics, and you’re sure to have some very happy (and stunning!) friends. What challenges have you faced when shopping for wedding party attire? Share them in a comment below! Did you buy your bridesmaid gowns from the Shoppe? Send photos to You may also enjoy:  Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses  Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses from the Dessy Collection Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid Dresses  Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid Dresses: Get Fit and Fashion Bridsmaid Dress Trends  Top 10 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Fall 2014

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