Monday’s Memorable Wedding Moments: Lost's Jin and Sun Kwon Wedding

Monday’s Memorable Wedding Moments: Lost's Jin and Sun Kwon Wedding
Recently I became a huge fan of ABC’s hit TV series Lost. Which is why the next memorable moment  is the Jin and Sun Kwon wedding!

Lost: Jin and Sun Kwon Wedding

I am only halfway through season 4 at this time, so bear with me fellow Losties! I love just about all Lost characters on the show. but Jin Kwon and Sun Kwon, stand among the elite.  Actor Daniel Dae Kim plays the role of Jin Kwon. Jin is hard to like when first introduced in season 1. Eventually we see his flashbacks, which helps us fans begin to understand him, creating a love for the character. All female Lost characters are strong leading roles in their own way, but among them, Sun Kwon, played by Yunjim Kim, is one of the strongest. Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim have great chemistry playing one of the few married couples surviving the plane crash of Oceanic Flight 815.  Fans get backs-stories, or “Lost flashbacks” as Losties know it as, about all of the characters past lives before the crash.  Some of the most memorable flashbacks come when pieces of Jin and Sun’s wedding appear. Monday's Memorable Wedding Moments: Jin and Sun Kwon Wedding The Lost characters are very diverse and rich in their cultures. The Jin and Sun Kwon wedding takes place in Korea. The actors look very much in-love for a more conventional Korean-style wedding, including both traditional and informal wedding dresses worn by Sun.

A traditional look:

Jin and Sun Kwon Wedding dressSun Kwon looks beautiful in her first and traditional bridal dress seen in season 1.  The bridal dress is an elegant lace gown with a modified A-line silhouette and sweetheart neckline. Graceful and classic, lace wedding dresses are still stylish. So, for any Losties wanting a similar dress to Sun Kwon, try one of these great bridal dresses: Shop the latest selections>>

A less formal look:

To her reception, Sun Kwon wears a less formal teal dress, which is revealed in the Lost season 5 finale.  The dress worn to the reception is more of bridesmaid dresses style, but can also be compared to informal wedding dresses.  If you're looking for a second bridal gown, My Wedding Chat has collaborated together bridesmaid dresses and informal wedding dresses similar to the Lost season 5 finale reception dress worn by Sun: Bridesmaid Dresses: Informal Wedding Dresses:

Bridesmaid potentials:

Jin and Sun Kwon wedding casual dressAnother memorable moment comes in season 3 when Jin and Sun meet for the first time.  Sun is wearing an adorable and flirtatious tea-length sundress.  For the true Losties out there looking to create a Lost wedding theme, have bridesmaid dresses similar to Sun’s dress shown in season 3.   Here are few great bridesmaid dresses that are similar to Sun's:

Floral headpieces:

At first, Jin plays a very hard-exterior husband, but eventually becomes the perfect doting husband. Jin shows affection and love by giving Sun her favorite flowers.  To incorporate another Lost idea into your wedding day style, add a beautiful floral headpiece.  Try one of these great suggestions: Bridal headpieces>> ABC’s characters have many flashbacks, but only Jin and Sun’s unite together to form a memorable wedding moment. Jin and Sun's love for one another makes fans smile and cry throughout the series. I was more than pleased to write about these two.

Create a wedding day look based off Sun's beautiful style with the suggestions by My Wedding Chat!

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