Modest Wedding Dresses That Aren't Boring

Modest Wedding Dresses That Aren't Boring
Here’s a scenario: you’re getting married in a temple, a conservative church, or you just don’t want to feel risqué and scandalous on the big day, but you’re worried about finding a gown because all dresses with coverage are absolutely gross, right? Wrong! Modest wedding dresses can be just as trendy and beautiful as other gowns. Keep reading to find out why, plus learn about some key design elements to look out for while shopping!

Modest Wedding Dresses That Aren't Boring

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Conservative doesn’t have to mean drab. Unfortunately, in today’s modern society that word is shunned from fashionable society. Doesn’t it just make you think of turtlenecks and shapeless sacks? Definitely not what you want for your wedding day. Thanks to today’s modern styling, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Conservative wedding dresses can be glamorous and breath-taking, and even on-trend, which makes them even easier to find nowadays. First of all, what exactly makes a gown “modest?” While the specific answer to this will vary greatly between different people, traditionally long sleeves and a high neckline are chaste style elements, as they provide coverage so that the overall look isn’t too revealing. This is typically paired with a fuller skirt, and perhaps an A-line silhouette. Sounds pretty classic and simple, right? And – dare we say it – not hideous at all? Madison James MJ02 MJ02

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One thing to keep in mind is that while you are out shopping don’t be afraid to stray away from the “modest dress” section. Today, many designers are creating long-sleeve gowns or higher necklines in general. In fact, that’s what is trending right now! This means that it’s that much easier to find the gown of your dreams that is appropriate for a conservative church or temple service. Because one person’s tasteful could be wrong for someone else, the easiest way to find the gown you’re looking for is to do some research and take a look at what’s out there. Luckily, the Wedding Shoppe has plenty of tasteful and gorgeous gowns that will fit and flatter your figure, and style, as well as abide by any venue rules or personal tastes. Now on to important design elements and trends!

1. Sleeves

A big trend right now – across designers and styles – is long sleeves, which is perfect if you’re looking for coverage or a chic old-fashioned design and feel – or both! The Allure Modest M591 wedding dress is an excellent example of how long sleeves and a higher neckline can be youthful and elegant, not stuffy and boring. The higher neckline and half sleeves cover up your skin, while the lace on the sleeves shows of little peeks of skin. The perfect combination! If this gown isn’t your thing, search for dresses with lace or illusion sleeves and necklines to achieve the same effect. Allure Modest M551 is another good example of this gorgeous feature!  allure modest m551

2. Illusion necklines

Illusion necklines and sleeves are also very trendy right now, and are perfect for brides looking for more coverage without sacrificing style. Look for dresses with a high illusion bateau neckline, which sits just below the collarbone and draws the eye towards your neck and clavicle. This neckline is pretty perfect, because it lengthens your neck while providing plenty of coverage and security. If you choose a bateau neckline, be careful how you accessorize it so that you don’t overwhelm the delicate design. Drop earrings and a low side swept bun or cascading waves with the front pulled back would be a great complement, instead of a chunky necklace and extravagant hair. You don’t want to have too many conflicting styles going on at once! The Maggie Sottero Verina wedding dress is a great example of the illusion neckline and sleeves, and it is a trendy yet conservative gown. It features an illusion bateau neckline, providing coverage, while a sweetheart neckline on the lining hints at your skin and balances out the higher design. Plus, the delicate swirls of embroidery create a classic feel and adds visual interest! Take a cue from this gown and look for ¾ length, illusion net sleeves if you need your shoulders and arms to be covered but don’t want to feel confined or restrained in uncomfortable fabric. Dresses like this are so feminine and elegant! Patience Lynette by Maggie Sottero also showcases a beautiful illusion neckline!  Patience Lynette

3. High necklines

Long sleeves and higher necklines aren’t the only way to achieve a classic and covered look, however, so if that’s not your style, don’t worry. The Allure Modest C483 wedding dress is a perfect example of how chic, elegant, tasteful, and stylish a gown can be that ditches long sleeves and has a higher neckline, yet still achieves security. The lace that forms a scalloped edge softens any severity that comes from a higher neckline, and the sleeveless dress shows off your arms but still gives it that modest look. This style of bodice shows off your figure without revealing too much. Plus, it’s universally flattering and timeless, meaning you won’t look back on your gown in thirty years wondering what you were thinking when you bought it. No dress regret here! Allure Couture C483 High Neckline Allure Romance 2653 High Neckline Okay. So we’ve some basics of what to look for in the top of the dress – illusion net, bateau necklines, and sleeves. What about the rest of the gown? Again, this will greatly vary across individuals, depending on comfort, style, and wedding location. But there are definitely some key design elements to consider.

4. Stylish Silhouettes

The most important thing to consider is what type of silhouette you want, and then once you have some ideas work outwards from there. Obviously, this is true no matter what specific dress style you’re searching for. For some, a sheath silhouette is too revealing, so they might opt for an A-line, while others might feel a sleek silhouette is just what they’ve always wanted. In terms of finding a fashionable gown that leans towards the modest side, it’s all about finding balance. Some rules of thumb to mull over: if you want something with sleeves and a high neck, try a sheath silhouette so that you don’t get lost in the dress. If you want a dramatic ball-gown or flowing A-line skirt, go with a moderate sweetheart neckline and cap-sleeves. It’s like that “rule” with makeup, the one that says if you go dramatic with the eyes you should go easy on the lips and visa versa (though let’s be honest, you should do whatever your heart desires). Generally, however, this is a good rule. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by a loud dress! But, if you can find the balance between coverage and showing off your figure, you will look super stylish and chic while also feeling comfortable and appropriate. illusion neck wedding dress

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5. Balance

In the dress examples listed above, the idea of balance shines through. The sheath silhouettes are paired with longer sleeves, while the voluminous A-line skirt has short sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. While these are only three examples and there are a plethora of other dresses out there, these are the key design elements you should keep in mind. wedding processional (2)

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What’s the bottom line here? That you shouldn’t despair over finding an elegant, gorgeous, and trendy gown that fits under the label “modest.” Forget stuffy high-necklines and draping that completely hides your figure. Allure, Venus, and Bonny all make wedding gowns with modesty specifically in mind, but since long sleeves, higher necklines, and full skirts are in such high demand right now, many designers have incorporated these elements into all of their dresses. There have never been more fashionable and beautiful gowns to choose from. Chances are that if you can dream it, you can find it. Now go forth and find the fabulous, trendy, and beautiful gown you’ve been dreaming of! You may also like... How-to-be-Sure-You-Found-the-Dress (1) Hidden-Wedding-Costs

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