Maggie Sottero Prices Under $1,000

Maggie Sottero Prices Under $1,000
There’s nothing more romantic or elegant than vintage design. Maggie Sottero is the queen of vintage, always creating collections that maximize the effects of such classic, quality styling. But doesn’t it seem like vintage-inspired looks always have a more expensive price tags? All that lace, silk, beading…it adds up! What if I told you that you could take home one of Maggie's gorgeous gowns for under a grand? If you’re looking to ‘wow’ on your big day, this list of dresses under $1000 will get you there—under budget. Maggie-Sottero-Prices-Primrose

How to get the lowest Maggie Sottero prices.

One of the most unique aspects of this collection is its ability to transform timeless trends into modern works of wearable art. But which are affordable? To find out, I used our convenient price filter and found over 25 Sottero styles under $1,000. I instantly saw top-sellers and Pinterest favorites, as well as a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, and unique details. For under a grand, you can walk down the aisle in a long-sleeved wedding dress, a ruffled fit-and-flare, or a dramatic Gatsby-inspired style. It all depends on your wedding dreams! Start shopping this collection of affordable bridal gowns>>

Gatsby for under a grand.

Body-hugging silk and hand-beading can bump up any price tag. With Maggie Sottero, you can get the Roaring Twenties style for less. One of our favorites, Emilena (shown on the left), draws inspiration from this bold fashion era with its chic, low back and flapper vibe. Janalyn (right) has a similar style, but with a bit more support. I adore the unique cowl neck and trumpet skirt. A simple silhouette with just a touch of sparkle for a timeless wedding look.
Maggie-Sottero-Emilena Maggie-Sottero-Janalyn

Luxury for less.

For the lover of princess attire, Maggie Sottero has a few designs without the luxury price tag. Many women think of ball gowns when they picture a royal wedding dress, but a flattering A-line or embellished fit-and-flare can have the same glamorous effect. Tasteful appliqués and beading evoke luxury, but do you know what’s most important? To make any dress to look more expensive than it is, you need to have a great fit. Every one of these bridal gowns is constructed with the ‘Maggie Fit’ in mind. With a few alterations, it will appear custom-made. Guarantee a great silhouette with a corset bodice, which many of these princess gowns have. A flattering silhouette and pretty details will have your guests captivated as you walk down the aisle.
Maggie-Sottero-Yvette Maggie-Sottero-Leah

Embrace the elegance of simple design.

One of the main reasons these Maggie Sottero prices are under $1,000 is because of simplicity. Don't cringe at the word if you’re a bride who dreams of being unique! Remember that elegant designs don’t depend on over-the-top details. Instead, they draw inspiration from traditional silhouettes that have proven their endurance over the decades. Find a simple gown with a great fit, and accessorize to make it yours. For years to come, you’ll see your wedding photos and appreciate their lasting beauty, and I bet you’ll even say, “Dang, I looked good!”
Maggie-Sottero-Alexa Maggie-Sottero-Reese

More we love from Maggie!

Maggie-Sottero-Libby Maggie-Sottero-Haven

Which inexpensive dress is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

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