How to Succeed in a Long Distance Military Relationship {Featured Bride, Kendra S.}

How to Succeed in a Long Distance Military Relationship {Featured Bride, Kendra S.}
Wedding Location: Dakota Lodge, West Saint Paul, MN | Wedding Date: June 2013 People say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? I’d like to talk to those people. I agree that long distance relationships make you appreciate the time you have together more. It makes seeing him/her that much more special, but let’s be honest: long distance relationships can be hard work. Now, “long distance” means different things to different people. For some, long distance is going to different schools, but in the same state. For others, it means living in separate states. For even others, it means living in different countries. While each type of relationship is different, they all have their challenges.

Long distance military relationship: Kendra and Antonio Kendra and Antonio’s long distance relationship guide can help you, too!

Kendra’s tips for how to make your long distance military relationship work!

Antonio and I have done the long distance thing for our entire relationship. People might wonder how we really know that we want to spend the rest of our lives with someone who is all the way across the country, but trust me, we do! We’ve worked hard to make our relationship the best it can be. While the majority of our relationship has been from North Carolina to Minnesota, we are now living in different countries, as Antonio is deployed. I honestly believe that long distance relationships are feasible for any couple, it’s just a matter of perseverance. If one or both person(s) is not willing to work hard on the relationship, chances are that it might not succeed (I am just speaking from personal experience).

Three tips to survive a long distance military relationship:

For the past two years, Antonio and I have learned the ins and outs of having a successful long distance relationship. Each couple is different, but here are some ideas that have helped us out: Skype is a savior! I don’t know what I would do without it. Here’s the thing – you have to spice it up. Sitting in front of a computer screen can get old, but it doesn’t have to. When Antonio was not deployed, we planned dinner dates via Skype. Sure, you can’t steal bites of one another’s food, but it can still be fun. Some more ideas are watching movies together on the web, playing computer games, or doing a round of random questions to learn new things about your partner.

Experience is the best teacher: Check out a long distance relationship guide from someone who’s been there.

Long distance military relationship: Kendra and Antonio

Live in the moment. Don’t spend the time you do have together dreading its end. I struggle with this one. We all know that time flies by when we want it to slow down, but that’s life. Instead, spend the time enjoying one another and using every opportunity to make a new memory. It’s going to be hard to leave, but that’s okay. It just means the next time will be that much more special. Skip the drama. I’ve found that it is so much easier to argue over a text message or the telephone than it is in person, but do your best to stop and think! You’re going to get annoyed sometimes. That’s part of a relationship. Don’t let the little things become big things. Figuring out what is truly important to the two of you is imperative in having a successful long distance relationship.

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