How to Decorate Your Just Married Getaway Car with Cans

How to Decorate Your Just Married Getaway Car with Cans
It's almost Grand Old Day! On June 2nd, here in Saint Paul, the Wedding Shoppe is going to be in a parade and we are busy getting ready for it. However, we wanted to make sure we were able to share the fun with all of our readers, so we documented our parade preparations. Maybe they can help you with your own wedding’s just married car decorations! Read our first post: How to Create a Just Married Car Sign! We can't get enough of crafts, and this week we found another excuse to create adorable just married car decorations. We found another cool pinterest wedding idea: decorating your just married getaway car with cans! Here’s how we did it:

Decorate your just married getaway car with cans personalized for the couple!

1. Gather an assortment of tin cans. Soup cans work well, but for a size variety look for big cans of fruit and tiny tomato paste cans. We emptied several cans into Tupperware containers to save for later in the week, but you can also collect cans as you go through them. Use a utility tool or bottle/can opener to create a hole in each of the cans for you to tie string through.
pinterest wedding idea decorating cans pinterest wedding idea scrapbook paper pinterest wedding idea craft glue
2. Gather an assortment of craft supplies. We found that wedding themed scrapbook paper was ideal for just married car decorations! We also had a little bit of construction paper permanent markers. Some other ideas for fun materials are stickers, glitter, ribbon, and paint. Bonus: if you do a lot of craft projects, why not use up some scraps of stuff you have laying around? Don't forget glue and/or tape! We used spray glue, but depending on your materials you might want to use hot glue instead. 3. Start having fun! We did a lot of layering of different patterns, cutting out hearts and stripes, and tracing letters before we started gluing our creations onto the cans. This is a good idea especially if kids are helping, because if you make a mistake it doesn't have to be unglued from the can!
just married car decorations just married car decorations just married car decorations
4. Tie assorted lengths of strong fishing line, twine, or other string to each of your cans. This is how you'll connect the cans to the getaway car (either by tying them to the bumper or trailer hitch, whichever works best). Make sure the lengths vary so that the cans trail behind the car instead of fanning out!

Useful tips for the perfect just married getaway car with cans:

  • To get the right size, we used a pencil to trace the height of each can onto the paper we were using to decorate it, then cut it cover perfectly.
  • Put the newlyweds' initials and wedding date on some of the cans! This makes their just married car decorations personal and all the more memorable.
  • We used 14 cans total. The number you use can vary depending on size of the car and how much time you have to spend decorating. We recommend a minimum of 6.
  • Keep in mind that the cans will probably get destroyed quite a bit being dragged behind the car. Don't worry too much about making them look perfect, and try not to get too attached to your adorable creations!
 just married car decorations  just married car decorations
 just married getaway car with cans
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Be sure to watch for all of our adorable just married car decorations on our vehicle in the Grand Old Day parade!

Share your favorite pinterest wedding idea with us at the parade!

Hopefully you love our just married car decorations as much as we do! Do you have another pinterest wedding idea you think we should try out? Do you have other suggestions for decorating a just married getaway car with cans? Check out our booths in front of the Wedding Shoppe after the parade on June 2nd or leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Meghan Jungwirth
May 16, 2019 07:25

Such a cute idea! Love it!!

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