What is a Junior Bridesmaid? | The Duties & Dresses

What is a Junior Bridesmaid? | The Duties & Dresses
Do you have a special lady who’s too old to be a flower girl, but too young to be a full-fledged ‘maid? Guess what? You just found your junior bridesmaid! What does this unique role entail? Better question: what does she wear? Don’t worry, this post will define the duties of your littlest ‘maid and give you a few fabulous options for age-appropriate attire.

Junior bridesmaid duties defined.


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This role is usually for a girl between the ages of 9-14, but no one said it’s set in stone. Always ask her what she would prefer. She may have dreams of being a flower girl, or “bridesmaid” may seem too daunting. Give her an idea of what her part will entail, then let her decide. So what are the duties of a junior bridesmaid? Obviously she can’t be expected to pitch in money for the shower or write addresses on every invitation. Keep in mind that this bridal party role is more of an honor than a job. However there are ways to keep her included and make her feel valued as you plan your wedding. Below is a typical timeline for the big day, along with possible responsibilities for your youngest ‘maid.

Wedding Planning:

- If you’re inviting your bridal party to a vendor meeting and you think your junior ‘maid would enjoy it, ask her to come! Cake tasting would brighten her day, don’t you think? - She would probably love to go wedding dress shopping with you. You would certainly have a fan in the crowd! - Make sure your MOH includes her in the party planning whenever she can. That could mean helping with the DIY favors or shopping for décor. Junior-BMS-and-Bride

Bridal Showers:

Your Jr. bridesmaid should be invited to every shower your other ladies will be attending. She can help with setup and cleanup, so make sure the MOH extends the offer.

The Bachelorette Party:

I think we can safely say that a bachelorette party is not the place for a young girl. If you’re having a pre-party dinner that is age-appropriate (No risqué straws or cakes, please!), then she is more than welcome to attend.

The Rehearsal:

The junior ‘maid is expected to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. If they are on the younger side, make sure mom and dad are invited too. Young-Bridesmaids

The Ceremony:

Some Jr. bridesmaids assist the ushers in seating guests, but that depends on their comfort level. She will definitely take part in the processional and stand beside you as you say your vows. Many brides wonder if it's appropriate for a young lady to be escorted by a much older groomsman. My opinion is that most ‘maids are escorted by groomsmen that are not significant others in any way, so it shouldn’t make a difference with the Jr. ‘maid either. If you still feel uncomfortable, have her walk solo or create a trio.

The Reception:

The junior bridesmaid is often responsible for passing out programs or sendoff favors (bubbles, confetti, sparklers, etc.). Make sure they are always included in the bridal party dances, and have a bottle of sparkling cider available so they can toast to your marriage too! Always remember that a Jr. bridesmaid is not required to take on any of these duties. Their main role is to have fun and feel incredibly special for being a part of your big day. Just try to include them however you can and give them fun opportunities to help out!
Junior-Bridesmaid-Alone Junior-Bridesmaids

What does a junior bridesmaid wear?

If you’ve selected mature or even sexy bridal party dresses, you will have to find another style for your tween. Many designers have both women’s and Jr. lines to make your life easier. If that’s not an option, find complementary looks that are the appropriate length and have straps. You should also keep in mind that most girls between the ages of 9 and 14 are going through puberty and may have a growth spurt or even lose weight after a gown is chosen. Schedule their fittings as close to the wedding date as possible.

Here are a few of my favorite junior bridesmaid dresses your young lady will love!

Bill Lekvoff Junior 53702  Bill Levkoff Junior BMS 67902
Dessy JR502  Dessy JR507
Bill Levkoff JR BMS 38002 Levkoff 33402
Dessy JR835 Dessy Juniors JR514

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