How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits

How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits
Nothing can beat the excitement of getting prepped up in those glamorous fall colors and getting the perfect engagement photos clicked! Fall is the perfect season to throw a fun engagement celebration and photo session, as the falling leaves exude a touch of romance and the air smells of nothing but pure love! The cozy weather and crisp air will put you right into the festive spirit! Imagine those crisp orangish-red hues and warm earthy-tones surrounding you, and the hidden aesthetician inside is already jumping with joy! The gorgeous shades of red orange and yellow will make for the perfect backdrop – so buckle up and strike a dreamy and romantic pose! However, the twist with getting the perfect fall engagement photos is that you need to select an outfit that will not only showcase your personality but will also look breathtaking on the camera. A wise fashionista is now advising you to select your fall engagement photo outfits cautiously because you don’t want those splendid colors nature has to offer you to clash against the backdrop! As it is with weddings, careful planning is key to getting the results you need on camera.  The best colors to wear for engagement photos can be anywhere from dark to light. Your decision to pair up navy blue and blush pink may be a good one, but if you have changed your mind to forest green from navy blue, you might be in for some laughs. Before we go deep into this conversation, let us start with the tips on how to pick the perfect fall engagement photo outfits!

Tips on Picking Your Fall Engagement Photos Outfits

As the search begins for the perfect fall engagement photo outfits, you need to be prepared for the roller coaster ride of emotions you will be going through during this period. This is the most precious time of your life and you need to capture these moments as beautifully as possible! As a bride, you need to find an outfit that looks splendid on camera and coordinates well with your man’s attire! Finding an outfit that not just represents you, but also complements your skin tone is a nerve wrecking task! The key is not to be so over-dramatic and to go for warm earthy tones and rich fall colors that will complement this beautiful season. You wouldn’t want to run into his arms wearing a light blue, casual striped dress while he is all dressed up formally waiting to take the groom’s place. Every girl needs a little inspiration to look her best, but this does not mean that you need to completely change yourself for an event or just because you want a good portrait. You will regret it once the wedding hype tones down and all you’ve got is flashy and gaudy photos. Try experimenting with different looks to find the ideal one that brings out your true personality! Here are a few tips that will help you find an ideal outfit that will perfectly complement your fall engagement photos:

1.    Pick the Right Colors

Autumn is one of the most neutral seasons, so dressing up in extremely bright colors like in the summers or dull hues like in the winters may not bring out your true festive spirit. Your fall engagement photo outfits need to be a combination of bright and dull colors, that represent the unique and different shades of the autumn leaves. fall leaves | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photos Outfit Burgundy or purple is one of the best colors to wear for engagement photos during the fall season. You can pair this with Ivory and you will become the talk of the town! If you like to dress more edgy than subtle, how about forest green and taupe? You could also opt for metallic orange that blends well with green and brown. Off white and cranberry red is also a pair that results in a beautiful and mesmerizing combination for the perfect fall engagement photo outfits!

2.   Incorporate similar fall colors in each outfit

You need to be cohesive in your photoshoots so that you do not look or feel out of place. With theme weddings becoming more and more common, you would not want to be the odd one out. This does not mean that you should wear the same colors throughout all the events, but mixing up the shades can help you in balancing out all your looks. two people holding hands | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photos Outfit The trick is to opt for similar shades of fall engagement photo outfitsso that the theme appears cohesive throughout all the photo sessions.

3.    Don’t be afraid to wear patterns

Don’t you think plain dresses are dull and boring? Autumn is all about fun and excitement, and what’s more fun than incorporating some gorgeous patterns into your fall engagement photo outfits. Plaid appears to be a popular choice amongst autumn brides due to its graceful style. You can also try something unique and opt for more “outdoor” patterns like Herringbone or animal print. Polka dots are classic and trendy, and never go out of fashion! Try not to wear busy patterns that will make you lose the essence of this beautiful season. Paisley and Gingham are often the wrong choices when it comes to fall engagement outfits.

4.    Consider brown shoes

Black represents a lot… Power, confidence, attitude but isn’t that what everyone tries to portray? Black may only blend well with a white background otherwise it’ll lose its essence. On the other hand, the color brown symbolizes elegance, warmth and decency, which is what autumn brings. Go for brown shoes to complement the backdrop as well as your engagement outfits. Browns fuse well with the background and look elegant no matter which outfit you pair it with!

5.    Don’t wear too many patterns

Avoid dressing in patterns from head to toe and make sure that the patterns on your bridesmaids do not clash with each other. If one person is wearing a plaid, the other one should not follow a similar pattern. Similarly, if someone is wearing a patterned scarf, the other person should avoid wearing patterned pants either – as it takes away from the look!

6.    Don’t be afraid to wear white / off-white

White is always in style so do not be afraid to wear white, or even off-white. White can be safely regarded as one of the best colors to wear for engagement photos. It works flawlessly with autumn colors in the background and the resulting photo will be your dream canvas! couple kissing in field | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photos Outfit

7.    Try a hat

Who says brides cannot wear a hat? If you are a bride looking to carry something distinctive, hats will prove to be the perfect accessory! No, it does not denote your royalty! In fact, hats can add the perfect touch of versatility to your look whilst making you look chic and fashion-forward! If you are wearing a hat to a wedding, just follow these three simple rules:
  1. Do not shy away from owning it.
  2. Bigger is better
  3. Plan the color according to your fall engagement photo outfits.

8.    You won’t look too basic in tall boots

Break all the clichés and own your look! If you really enjoy wearing tall boots, there is no reason you shouldn’t be flaunting them on your big day! Best colors to wear for engagement photos include brown and black. Do not go for shocking pink, purple or orange boots, as these will look too gaudy! A dark color will blend well with the outfit as well as the autumn background.

9.    Cue cute pea coats

Long pea coats are the epitome of elegance and look adorable during the fall season, so if the occasion is that of a fall engagement, what better addition is there to your knee-length fall engagement photo outfits than a cute pea coat. You can go for brown, maroon, burnt orange and other bold colors. Matching your coat color with your tall boots or heeled shoes will be a smart move. girl throwing leaves in air | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photos Outfit

10.    Don’t be afraid to use some wild fabrics

Having a fall engagement does not mean you cannot take bold steps to look your best. Leather and faux fur vests are great fabrics to incorporate into your fall engagement photo sessions, as the striking fabrics contrast the fall background beautifully! You are bound to look stylish if you’re courageous enough to own your dressing style with confidence. Brown leather jackets, coats, boots, and fur vests are ideal for the autumn season!

How to Coordinate Your Fall Engagement Photos Outfit with your Partner’s

Dressing up your partner can be no less than a hassle, especially if they lack good taste in fashion! So, you will not just be shopping for yourself, but for your partner as well!  You need to pick your outfit first and then work on your partner’s attire so that the best colors to wear for engagement photos pair well together. Choosing your partner’s outfit first may leave you with no other option than to settle for a dress that does not reflect your personality. You need to be strategic about this since your fall engagement photo outfitswill become a lifelong memory, and you do not want to feel miserable when flipping through an old album!

1.    Choose one color to coordinate the outfits

One color does not mean that you and your partner, should both dress up in white or navy blue. It can be different shades of the same color. For example, you can go with a knee-length Herringbone-patterned dress in sky blue while your partner could flaunt a navy blue suit. Black and white are also some of the best colors to wear for engagement photos. couple holding hands | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photos Outfit

2.    Don’t overdo it on the patterns

If you have chosen a patterned dress, make sure your partner is not wearing a patterned suit, as this could lead to a pattern overload! You and your partner would not want to look out of place during the photo session, so it is best to follow a minimalistic approach. The pictures need to look cohesive, therefore, your coordinatedfall engagement photo outfitsshould be subtle when it comes to patterns. This way there will be no distractions and you both will remain in the spotlight!

3.    Tie it all together with a cute accessory

Couples nowadays use cute little props and accessories like signs, cards and plaid blankets during the photo sessions to tell their story in the most beautiful manner. These memories will remain with you for a lifetime so make sure to be a little more creative and artistic! mug, scarf, and book | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photos Outfit

4.    Pick a style and stick to it

Whether you have opted for a boho theme or a classic one, once you’ve chosen a style, make sure to stick with it throughout the entire session. Gracing one look and following a similar theme for the entire session will help you in creating the perfect engagement portfolio! Looking for more fall inspiration? Click hereto unveil fun fall outfit ideas to create the perfect look!

Some of Our Favorite, Affordable Fall Engagement Photo Outfit Pieces

Looking for something easy yet cute for your fall engagement photo outfits? We have some obvious choices that are affordable yet adorable! We know how expensive weddings are, so don't break the bank for your fall engagement photo outfits! Check out some of the cutest pieces we found on Target! *note: through an affiliate program, we earn a small commission when purchases are made through our blog; this does not affect the price you pay for the item. 

A Gray Pullover Sweater

women's gray sweater | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits Neutrals are fantastic for fall engagement photos as they work well with the colorful background you'll have! You can pair this sweater easily with any patterns you'd like!

A Burgundy Chenile Pullover Sweater

channel Burgundy pullover sweater| How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits This soft, comfortable sweater is featured in a beautiful fall color that will perfectly complement all of the fall colors. Because this sweater is one color and is minimally patterned, this sweater goes well with plaids and other fall patterns!

A Mustard Cardigan

mustard cardigan | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits I LOVE this cardigan! It is an easy, affordable find that is perfect for fall engagement photos! This color stands out without being obnoxious, and it is easy to pair this color with other neutral fall colors!

An Olive Green Sweater with a Twist

olive green sweater | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits

This sweater is a GORGEOUS color that just screams fall! Because of its simple design and neutral-tone, this sweater is easy to pair with cardigans, plaid blankets, and the like!

The Burgundy Peacoat You've Been Looking For

Burgundy pea coat | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits I am SO in love with this burgundy peacoat! This coat comes in several over colors, but we chose this color because it is beyond perfect for any fall engagement photo shoot! Sophisticated and timeless, this piece will make your fall engagement photo outfits all the better!

A Dreamy Blue Fall Dress

blue dress | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits If you're looking for something unique, fashion-forward, and adorable, get this dress! Available in two fall colors, this dress will make you stand out from the beautiful background without taking away the background's beauty!

A Floral Print Dress in Beautiful Fall Shades

floral dress | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits We hope you're adoring this dress as much as we are! This dress features a truly unique print and coloring combination that will make all of your fall engagement photos stand out!

A Plaid Blanket Scarf

plaid scarf | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits This soft, warm blanket scarf will help you fight the brisk fall weather and make the perfect accessory for your fall engagement photos!

A Velvet Kimono that's Totally In Right Now

velvet kimono | How to Pick the Perfect Fall Engagement Photo Outfits We are totally digging this in-style kimono that features velvet! Who knew velvet would ever go into style again? I can't get enough!

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