How to Lace up a Wedding Dress

How to Lace up a Wedding Dress
Some of our most popular dresses here at the Shoppe have a stunning corset back that will need to be laced up on your wedding day. Learning how to lace up a corset dress is something you need to do before your big day with whoever will be assisting you. It seems really easy, but there are a couple things you’ll want to be careful of.

How to lace up a corset

It’s time to learn how to lace up a wedding dress!

Words and pictures can only do so much, so we decided it was time for some action! Check out our how to lace up a wedding dress video!

How to lace up a corset: The steps.

We cannot stress enough the need to practice lacing up your gown before your wedding day. Laura has a good friend who didn’t practice tying her gown and didn’t have the time to fix it before the ceremony. It’s been two years since the wedding, and it’s still her number one gripe about her wedding day. She always says it ruined her pictures. Practicing how to lace up a corset doesn’t take long and it guarantees better execution on your big day. To begin, make sure you clip in your modesty panel. You will unfasten it later if it hinders tightening your corset strings. Once your modesty panel is clipped in, lace your ribbon through the top two loops from the outside in, much like a tennis shoe. Make sure your strings are pulled evenly so that you have the same length to work with on each side. Then work your way down the corset, making sure to loop the strings from the outside to the inside. This will give you more coverage and a smoother look when you are done. Don’t worry about keeping it tight at this point; we’ll get there. Once you’ve laced the entire corset, unclip the modesty panel (this assures that the panel will lie flat when you finally get your corset tightened, instead of bunching up). Begin tightening the corset from top to bottom, keeping in mind that the corset will loosen up throughout the day. It’s ok for it to be a little tight. Make sure you make the corset look like a V shape as you do this. Making it even is incredibly important. When you’re done pulling it snug, tie it in a knot and tuck it in the bottom of the dress to hide the strings. You’re all done! Way to go!

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