How to Create Your Perfect Flower Crown Wedding

How to Create Your Perfect Flower Crown Wedding
Flower crown weddings are the latest obsession of the trendy bride. We know you’ve seen them before (hello, Pinterest) and that you’ve saved tons of pins on your wedding board with brides and bridesmaids alike looking stunning in boho wedding flower crowns. Something about this simple idea of making a halo out of nature’s best is just pure genius. And trust me—I’m obsessed, too! But now that you’ve pinned all of the beautiful flower crown wedding ideas you could possibly find, what next? How do you make this idea a reality? Luckily, there are tons of options to choose from, and none of them will break the bank. Check out our guide on how to create your perfect flower crown wedding!

How to DIY Your Flower Crown Wedding

If you’re like me then you’ve attempted a few too many DIY projects that quickly became DIY fails, but don’t panic - DIY flower crowns are 100% possible and actually really easy. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to create the boho wedding flower crown of your dreams. Your gorgeous flower crown wedding is just a few simple steps away. Let’s get crafting!

Step 1: Plan your flower crown design.

flower crown wedding Do you want more neutrals on your flower crown or vibrant colors? Do you want a simple crown or a Moana-style creation? What kind of flower to greenery ratio are you wanting? Deciding on an overall theme will help you choose your flowers and materials and eliminate some of the stress. The brides featured in this article from ProFlowers can help give you some inspo!

Step 2: Gather your materials

flower crown wedding AKA go to Hobby Lobby. Flower crowns are constructed with three basic materials: And of course, wire cutters like these. Simple, right? When choosing your materials, you want items that will survive the building process and create something strong, comfortable, and of course - beautiful! I’d also buy more flowers and greenery than you think necessary because you don’t want to get home and realize you need one more fuchsia peony! Play around with the flowers and greenery in the store and make mock arrangements – that way you can get a feel for how much supplies you’ll need. Brides recommends 25 to 30 inches of floral wire in their DIY boho wedding flower crown tutorial.

Step 3: Measure the wire to your head

This is the base of your crown. Make sure it’s not too snug on your head – you want it to sit comfortably after the flowers and greenery have been added. I’d recommend making two or three loops to create an extra sturdy base. You can also use vine wire, which is thicker and covered with a thin layer of paper if you want a different option. Wanderlust even used a plain wire headband which is another inexpensive and easy option for your boho wedding flower crown!

Step 4: Wrap the entire wire with wrapping tape

This covers the wire in case it peeks through the crown and makes it more comfortable.

Step 5: Cut the stems on your flowers and greenery

Leave two to three inches on each stem. This leaves enough room to layer and wrap around the wire. You can always cut excess stems at the end! After this, I like to arrange all of my stems in front of me to get organized before I begin to build the crown – plus this makes for a pretty flat lay photo!

Step 6: Add flowers and greenery to the crown base

flower crown wedding Add your first stem by connecting it to the wire with the wrapping tape - this stuff is stickier than it looks so you don’t have to over-do it, by the way. Place your next piece on the wire and wrap it. Add each following piece one by one or in bundles until your crown is full! PRO TIP:for a more natural-looking crown, reverse the direction of your flowers with every few pieces – this technique is even more gorgeous with wildflowers used in this boho flower crown.

Step 7: Fill in gaps with extra flowers and greenery and add final touches

If you have holes or thin spots, use extra greenery and small flowers to fill them in. Some brides even add glitter or fun floral scents to make their boho wedding flower crown extra unique!

Step 8: Rock your gorgeous flower crown!

flower crown wedding

Flow Event Group

Done and done. Flower crown wedding ready! There’s no wrong way to make a flower crown so don’t stress and just enjoy the process. Make it special to you and wear it with confidence! If you’re more of a visual learner check out these helpful tutorials from and Buzzfeed and Lauren Conrad, the crafting goddess of our generation! If you’re looking for extra boho flower crown wedding inspiration you should definitely browse Lauren’s website for other great DIY ideas.

Where to Buy a Flower Crown

Any brides out there thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time for that?” We’ve got you covered! Not all of us are meant to be DIY brides. There are tons of wonderful places to buy gorgeous flower crowns that will look like they’ve been plucked straight out of a palace garden. Let these familiar retailers help you create the flower crown wedding of your dreams!


Etsy seems to be where every good, creative thing begins, right? There are hundreds of supremely talented shop owners who specialize in flower crown weddings just waiting to create your perfect flower crown. You can find any boho accessory to match, too! Not every Etsy shop is created equal so here’s some advice for choosing the best Etsy shop that is perfect for you:
  • Reviews are EVERYTHING. Trust your fellow shoppers and their experiences – especially the reviews with honest and detailed feedback. If a product has a large amount of perfect 5-star reviews, something might be a little fishy. Research and reviews go a long way.
  • Look for quality products. A common theme with Etsy is for shops to mass produce a few products with hundreds of design options for each like with coffee mugs, pillows, and t-shirts. If an Etsy shop has hundreds of products, the chances of each product having high quality standards is very low. It’s better to make purchases from shops that dedicate time and care to each product – especially with anything related to your wedding!
  • Be aware of extra fees. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect item and getting to the checkout only to realize shipping is almost as much as the item! Make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for before you submit your payment.
  • Read the fine print. Figure out where your item is shipping from and read through the return policy – you don’t want to be surprised by that later!
  • If an Etsy shop has no way of contacting the shop owner you might want to choose a different shop. A good Etsy shop has quick and reliable communication channels with the owner who should provide regular shipping updates.


I think the only wedding-related thing you can’t get from Amazon is your future spouse! You’ll find a huge variety of stunning boho flower crowns here along with reliable and affordable decorations and accessories. The best part is you never even have to leave your house! Flower crowns + Amazon Prime = WINNING.


Not just for 13-year old teens getting their ears pierced! Icing has an incredible selection of all accessories and that definitely includes flower crowns. Head to Icing for a boho wedding flower crown that’s cute and affordable. This is also a great place to pick up sweet gifts for your bridesmaids!

Local floral shop

This is for the bride who wants something beautiful, fresh, and 100% natural. Did you know that most local flower shops create flower crowns? Call your local shop and ask if they do – they’ll most likely say yes and be able to customize it. Fresh flowers are typically much cheaper than faux flowers, too. PRO TIP: Certain flowers are only in season at specific times of the year so plan accordingly! The types of flowers available will also depend on where you’re getting married, as well.

Flower Crown Wedding Inspiration

We all love some good inspo now and then, and I luckily have tons for you! These brides and bridesmaids ROCK this look, and I seriously can't wait to have my own flower crown wedding even more so now. Check out these looks below and tell me what you think! flower crown wedding flower crown wedding flower crown wedding

Flow Event Group

I LOVE how well these Kennedy Blue + Wedding Shoppe bridesmaid's dresses compliment the bridesmaid's flower crowns. Simply and perfectly gorgeous. Notice how the fresh florals add a fun pop of color to the bridesmaids' look! What a perfect example of a simple flower crown look! Check out all the photos from this Boho Bridal styled shoot for all kinds of boho, flower crown wedding inspiration! flower crown wedding These bridesmaids look STUNNING in their complementing flower crowns and bouquets. Flower crowns don't have to be complicated to be beautiful! These flower crowns were made of solely baby's breath, and the simplicity is perfect for these bridesmaid dresses! flower crown wedding This bride did a great job matching the greenery in the bouquets with the greenery in her 'maids' flower crowns and dresses! This look features unique, mostly-green bouquets that feature the same greenery in their flower crowns. I love that the bride chose bridesmaid dresses that featured flowers, choosing to feature mostly greenery in everything else. These dresses perfectly fit the aesthetic this bride was going for! flower crown wedding This flower crown and bouquet combination is STUNNING. You can't get more unique than this look! This bride looks like the queen of flowers in this look, and I love the creative use of colors. She even threw in a little blue in her bouquet, and the contrast with the pink and red hues completes this look better than I could've ever imagined! Talk about some major flower crown wedding inspiration!

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Flower crown weddings are as beautiful as they are easy to pull off. You and your ‘maids will look Pinterest perfect on your special day in the flower crowns of your choice! If you're considering having a flower crown wedding, I'd say go for it, girl! Don't be afraid to be unique, and most certainly don't be afraid to be you! Have you ever been in a flower crown wedding? Do you have any tips on how to create the perfect flower crown? Let us know in the comments below!

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