Honest Reviews: Trending Bridesmaid Dresses

Honest Reviews: Trending Bridesmaid Dresses
The time has come for the second edition of our Honest Reviews series! At the Shoppe, we are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. And I don't know about you, but that doesn't include trying dresses that are wrong for my body type. Been there, done that. Not fun. So, we're hopeful that hearing first hand what our gowns are really like on real bodies, will make your shopping process even easier!

Honest Reviews: Trending Bridesmaid Dresses

In our last segment, Stephanie and I tried on some of our top-selling bridesmaid gowns from a variety of designers. While the classic styles are great and timeless, maybe you are looking for something a little more trendy. For reference and comparison, Stephanie and I are sharing our measurements with you: Molly: Bust – 35″ Waist – 29.5″ Hips – 42″ Stephanie: Bust – 35.5″ Waist – 27.5 Hips – 38 To find your own measurements, check out our step-by-step guide>>

Molly in Wtoo 141 – size 10 in latte

Wtoo 141 Wtoo 141 2 While looking through our wide selection of dresses for trending styles, this one caught my attention immediately. The netting fabric and the neutral color are hot for 2016-2017 wedding season, so I had to see what it was all about. Honestly I was dreading seeing this light color on my fair skin (since I usually tend to avoid them.) I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised when I emerged from the dressing room. Thanks to Gergen's Natural Glow lotion and the right lighting, I didn't look completely washed out! Amazing! As for the style of the dress, I'm obsessed. Besides the size being a little off, I felt completely comfortable. An 8 would have been perfect, and I probably wouldn't have taken it off, so I guess it's for the best. I was extremely comfortable and felt pretty. Wear again: Yes—especially if shortened. It would be so cute with a jean jacket! Overall rating: 9/10

Molly in Lela Rose LR230 – size 8 in pink/gold

Lela Rose LR230 Lela-Rose-LR230-2 I really wasn't sure what to think about this number at first. Fabric like this sleek Lurex has been making a bit of a revival in wedding fashion lately, so I figured I should check it out. The shiny fabric was fun, and I love a good A-line, but I wasn't sure how to feel when I zipped it up (even though it was a perfect fit.) I spent the majority of my time in it questioning if it was cute, or at least cute on me. It's definitely more appealing on the model online, but such is life. Don't get me wrong, I thought the dress was nice and I loved that it had pockets (because that’s fun!), it just didn't necessarily flatter my body. The heavier material paired with the glean of the fabric felt unforgiving on my curves. Again, personally wouldn't be my first choice, but an adorable option for the right wedding and body type. Wear again: Sorry, no. Overall rating: 3/10

Molly in Allure 1440 – size 12 in pink/yellow

Allure 1440 Allure-1440-2 Spotted: 2017 trends calling for patterns (floral or, you guessed it, spotted.) I've been digging the idea of putting your maid of honor, or even a few of the gals, in something patterned, while the rest of the girls wear a coordinating color. Search 'bridesmaid trends' on Pinterest and see what I'm talking about. It's adorable. I stepped into the gown undecided on the busy pattern, but was pleasantly surprised. While it is definitely a busier/different look than the typical bridal party, it's super fun and perfect for summer! The dress itself, aside from being a size or two too big, was super comfortable and I loved the cut! I don't know if you can go wrong with a chiffon A-line, honestly. If you're looking for something unique or if you love bold patterns, this would be a great dress for you! Wear again: Shortened, absolutely! Overall rating: 7/10

Molly in Kennedy Blue Scarlett – size 6 in eggplant

Kennedy_Blue_Scarlett Kennedy_Blue_Scarlett_2 Okay, YAS to everything about this dress. Where do I start? Color was fab, chiffon A-line was flattering, satin sweetheart was sexy and sassy, and it was comfy! My only issue with this gown was that I tried on a size too small, and while breathing wasn't as easy as normal, I had no choice but to have good posture, so that's a plus. That being said, if I had to wear this all day I would definitely get a size 8. I liked the simple twist on a classic style. Wear again: Long—yes if I found a good excuse! Short—for sure. Overall rating: 10/10

Molly in Allure 1435 – size 10 in pink/brown

Allure 1435 Allure 1435 2 So I realize this is basically the same as Allure 1440, however, I will provide a brief review anyway. I loved this. So cute and sassy! The size was great. I preferred this pattern to the other because it was a little larger and not as busy. The ruffled layers along the hem were a sweet, little touch. I might not pick it for my gals on my own big day, but would happily wear it! (Black polish not recommended.) Wear again: Yep! Overall rating: 9/10

Molly in Kennedy Blue Kylee – size 10 in slate blue

Kennedy_Blue_Kylee Kennedy_Blue_Kylee_2 Let me begin by saying that I am obsessed with this neckline. I went through a hot streak in which all of my wardrobe purchases included this neckline. One of the pluses? It's flattering on many figures, so all of your gals will look great! I'm also really loving the slate blue trend that's happening. I think it's gorgeous, and also universally flattering. Size-wise, I'd go smaller, but overall it was a great dress. So, so comfortable and required no strap or neckline adjustments that might happen with other gowns. Weddings are lengthy events and I would happily wear this all day long. Wear again: As is—yes. Shortened—definitely. Overall rating: 10/10

Molly in Allure 1471 – size 12 in stone

Allure 1471 Allure-1471-2 Let me get something out there right away: This was not the right dress for my body type at all. While it is extremely gorgeous, I felt self-conscious as soon as I put it on. I basically always opt for A-line styles because they hide my problem areas perfectly. This sheath number did not. And I felt like the sequins just brought more attention to my lower half than I would care for. The belt also hit a little too low for me (it would be an easy alteration though!) My smallest point is a few inches above where the belt hits, so again, attention was drawn to the wrong places. Do not get me wrong, I am a sequin-gown-advocate and there are very many girls who could absolutely rock this dress. I'm afraid I would not be able to confidently wear this for an entire day, especially when I didn't even feel that great in it after 2 minutes. Wear again: No thank you. Overall rating: 2/10

Molly in Gather and Gown Sullivan – size 12 in navy

Gather and Gown Sullivan Gather & Gown Sullivan 2 Again, not the right dress for my body type. I have a pear-shaped body, which makes rocking a shift dress a little tricky. With the right size, this dress might have been a little better. However, this was too large for me and really gave me no shape whatsoever. It did not accentuate my features and I felt pretty uncomfortable in it—not because the dress itself wasn't extremely comfortable, but because I knew it wasn't the right fit for me. The idea of this dress is fantastic and it looks so cute on the model, however, as much as I wish, I am not a size 2 in reality. Wear again: If it looked better on my body type, absolutely! It could be worn for many occasions! In reality though, I'd prefer not to wear it at all. Overall rating: 2/10

Stephanie in Kennedy Blue Tierney – size 4 in nude

Kennedy Blue Tierney Kennedy-Blue-Tierney-2 I wasn't quite sure how to feel about this dress. The fit was a little tight, but I knew a size larger would have been a little too big. I thought the sequins were super cute, but thought they might get to be a little uncomfortable if I was in the gown for the entire day. While I don't normally care for V-neck on my body, I liked this style more than usual. I also really liked how comfortable the dress was! The style allowed for a normal bra, which is always nice. The liner underneath the dress was stretchy and comfortable as well, which made the dress easy to wear. I didn't love the nude color. Wear again: Probably not, but maybe for the right occasion. Overall rating: 5/10

Stephanie in Alfred Sung D722FP – size 6 in white bouquet

Alfred Sung D722FP Alfred Sung D722FP 2 At first, I would have given this dress a 1/10. I wasn't super fond of the style, print, or fabric on first view, but as time passed, I became more fond of it. When I started putting the dress on, I thought I was going to hate it. But the longer I had it on, the more and more it grew on me. I think I started to love it a little more after seeing the picture because I do think it photographs nicely. I thought the high-low style was super fun and different. The bateau neckline isn't my go-to, but I did appreciate how modest and flattering it was. I like that it's not something you would see at every wedding. Wear again: I would consider. For the right occasion that is! Overall rating: 7.5/10 While it's easy to stick with classic styles, don't be afraid to try something new and trendy. As you can see, Stephanie and I really liked a lot of the gowns we tried on for this segment. Many of them offer a fresh twist that would be a fun addition to your big day! Tell us what trendy bridesmaid style you're considering in the comments! You may also like...  Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress 101 Awkward Wedding Moments Wedding Season Rocks for Guests

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