Honest Reviews: Our Most Popular Bridesmaid Dresses

Honest Reviews: Our Most Popular Bridesmaid Dresses
Working at the Shoppe involves looking at a lot of gorgeous and happy weddings. I am constantly trying to stay on top of new trends. And always "ooh"ing and "ah"ing at the endless fabulous gowns in-store and online. In fact, I stare at these gowns so much so that I have more product numbers memorized than I'm comfortable to admit. There's an issue with this though. While I know what the most popular bridesmaid dresses look like, who designed them, and even what product number they are, I don't really have a clue about how they fit or how they feel. Sure, I can stare at pictures of these gorgeous numbers on models, but I'd be seriously lying to myself if I thought they would look the same on me. I enjoy all things carb and dessert-related way too much for that. Which led us to our latest blog series: Honest Reviews. To start:

Honest Reviews: Our Most Popular Bridesmaid Dresses

At the Shoppe, our goal is to make your wedding planning as easy as possible, which is why we've been helping countless brides, grooms, and bridal parties find the perfect ensembles for almost 40 years. Well, today we are taking that one step farther. The Honest Reviews series means my coworker Stephanie and I will be trying on dresses, including top-selling and trending styles, and giving you honest, real feedback. From feel to fit, you'll read what we thought about each gown in hopes of making it easier to find your own! For this to be successful, we'll share our measurements with you, dear reader. Feel free to compare and contrast, but try to be nice, please. As I mentioned before, I'm no model! For help getting your own measurements check out our bridesmaid measurement guide>> Molly: Bust – 35" Waist – 29.5" Hips – 42" Stephanie: Bust – 35.5" Waist – 27.5 Hips - 38 Let's get started shall we?

Molly in Kennedy Blue Bella – size 10 in eggplant

KB Bella WSI Kylee I'm not going to lie, at first glance, I wasn't feeling this one. The size wasn't right and I felt swamped in fabric compared to the other gowns I had tried on. But for the purposes of science, (lol) I pulled my hair back and stepped out of the dressing room to get a better look. And honestly, I didn't hate it. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. The color was great and the style was super comfy; I appreciated that everything felt like it was where it was supposed to be. I thought the lower cut on the back was super cute and off-set the illusion front. Overall, super cute, just wouldn't be my personal first choice. Wear again: Maybe. Definitely only if shortened. Probably not very often. Overall rating: 6/10

Molly in: Mori Lee 122 – size 8 in blush

Mori Lee 122 mori lee 122 This was maybe the oddest fit on my body. The waist was a little tight, but the bust was a little loose; a very good reminder that alterations are often necessary! I would probably order a 10 and get slight alts, because I enjoy breathing with ease, but I could probably make an 8 work if I wasn't so obsessed with being super comfortable all the time. The style itself felt flattering on my body and I loved that there was potential to wear a normal bra with it. The sequins mixed in with the lace gave it a jazzy little touch, but I did question if my arms would be chaffed at the end of a long day. I was pleasantly surprised to not feel as washed out by the blush as I thought I would! Wear again: Sequined lace would make it a little harder to find the right event, but maybe. Overall rating: 5/10

Molly in: After Six 6712 – size 8 in hunter

After Six 6712 6712 I look at this dress on the daily. No joke. Every time I see it, I think it's gorgeous, but it's always been on a model—so I wasn't sure how it would look on a girl who really enjoys pizza and wine. I was very pleasantly surprised! First off, the color is gorgeous and flattering. Secondly, the style made me feel really confident. Everything from the neckline to the ruching to the slit made it sassy and classy, which I'm all about. It was definitely something that I could wear all day. Wear again: For the right occasion, absolutely. Overall rating: 9.5/10

Molly in: Bill Levkoff 768 – size 8 in mint

Bill Levkoff 768 768 768 is one of our most popular bridesmaid dresses by far, and it proved how fabric and designer make a huge difference on size. The last gown I had on fit like a glove; this one was also a size 8, but for a hot sec I thought I was about to break the zipper getting it on. While it did fit, it was quite snug. The style was great though! It was a little deeper of a V-neck than I normally go for, but I still felt comfortable in it—aside from needing a size larger. Added bonus: You could totally get away with wearing a normal bra with it! The color was bright and fun for summer, and I liked the deep V in the back as well. I really have no complaints about it, but I just didn't care for it as much as some of the other designs I've tried on. Wear again: Maybe! Overall rating: 7/10

Molly in: Bill Levkoff 769 – size 8 in pewter

Bill Levkoff 769 769 Again this was a size 8 and even the same designer as the last, and yet a different fit. It was fine in the waist and bust, but short. I'm 5'9" so I'm used to struggling with length, but all of the other dresses I had tried on were a good length for me (sans heels.) Confusing! While I do enjoy having straps, (I hate having to constantly adjust) I didn't care for these. I didn't think they hit me just right and seemed like I would be spending a lot of time readjusting them. I didn't hate this look, but I didn't love it either. It was comfortable, but definitely not my favorite. Wear again: Nah. Overall rating: 6/10

Molly in: Bill Levkoff 386 – size 10 in cranberry

Bill Levkoff 386 386 I thought this design was absolutely gorg! The color was so pretty and red looks good on everyone--bonus! The ruching hit me in a really good spot. It drew attention to the smallest part of my torso and then hid the rest very nicely with the flowy A-line. The size was a little big, I'd need an 8 for sure. But other than that, the style was super comfortable! Bill Levkoff does strapless well by adding a little rubber bumper along the top seam, which really helps keep everything in place. You gotta love that. Wear again: Yes. Shortened, too. Overall rating: 9/10

Stephanie in: Kennedy Blue Charlotte – size 6 in charcoal

Kennedy Blue Charlotte charlotte This lace number isn't my normal style, but I found myself pleasantly surprised. The size was just about as perfect as it could get and I didn't think that it would require any alterations. Even though it was a tighter style, it was still flattering and comfortable. It's definitely something I think I could wear all day, even if it isn't my personal favorite design. One thing I noted: Accessories seemed necessary with the cut and color. Wear again: Maybe, but not likely. Overall rating: 6.5/10

Stephanie in: Bill Levkoff 778 – size 8 in Victorian lilac

Bill Levkoff 778 778 This dress was great! From the color to the fit, there wasn't much that I didn't like. First of all, it was extremely comfortable. The waist hit at just the right spot, and the sweetheart neckline was flattering on my body type. Bill Levkoff adds a little rubber bumper along the top of the neckline to help keep the neckline in place, too! Wear again: For the right occasion, yes! Overall rating: 9/10

Stephanie in: Kennedy Blue Stella – size 6 in eggplant

Kennedy Blue Stella stella This dress was a little different fit. While the waist was great, the chest was a little big. It was a good example of how alterations are sometimes necessary. I liked that the straps didn't slide, making the comfy A-line chiffon, easy to wear all day long. I also liked that the neckline was unique, I don't have anything else similar to this. The eggplant color was gorgeous. This number also had pockets, which was a fun and useful addition! Wear again: If shortened, yes! Overall rating: 8/10

Stephanie in: Kennedy Blue Olivia – size 6 in mint

Bari Jay 555 olivia I liked this dress a lot! It was the right size for me and it was super comfortable, plus it felt flattering on my body. Strapless necklines might not be for everyone, but it's generally a style I look for. I felt comfortable and confident and I color was great, too! Wear again: Yes! Especially if shortened. Overall rating: 9/10

Stephanie in: Bill Levkoff 485 – size 8 in sangria

Bill Levkoff 485 485 I loved the color of this dress. Not to mention it was fairly comfortable! The one thing I didn't care for was the cap sleeves. They didn't hit body in the right spot because they were a little too wide for my build. While the look as a whole fit fine, I felt a little constraining when I moved my arms forward. Another downside was that I wouldn't really be able to wear a normal bra with the gown. Overall, I thought the gown was gorgeous, but not my favorite. Wear again: I don't think so. Overall rating: 5/10

Stephanie in: After Six 6678 – size 8 in Icelandic

After Six 6678 6678 Favorite! I liked basically everything about this one. It was super comfy, the chiffon was so soft, it was flattering, and the size was good! One thing that was great was that even though it was a classic sweetheart style, it had a little different spin on it. It was a design that I would be happy to wear all day! The fabric was super light-weight. It would make the perfect summer maxi! Wear again: Yes! Overall rating: 10/10

Stephanie in: Kennedy Blue Delilah – size 6 nine blush

Kennedy Blue Delilah delilah I didn't really have any complaints about this number, but I wasn't in love with it. The neckline was cute and it was comfortable, but it wasn't anything super special for me. Maybe I would have felt differently had I tried it on in a different color. I just didn't care for the blush. It is very pretty, it just didn't wow me. Wear again: Wouldn't wear again unless altered. Overall rating: 7/10

Stephanie in: Bari Jay 555 – size 8 in misty blue

Bari Jay 555 555 I did not care for the split in the skirt on the front. It was kind of a strange detail. I think it would especially bother me on a windy day. The dress fits really well and is something I could easily wear all day. The ruching was flattering and the color is cute, but again, not my favorite style! Wear again: I don't think so. Overall rating: 5/10

Stephanie in: Kennedy Blue Anna – size 8 in claret

Kennedy Blue Anna anna I can definitely see why others would buy this dress. It's flattering and comfortable, but not for me. I guess I'm just not a V-neck person. The color was beautiful, I mean who doesn't like a red dress? But it's just not my style. It was a size too big, so maybe that's why I didn't care for it. It felt like I was drowning in a ton of fabric. It wasn't bad, just not my favorite. Wear again: No. Overall rating: 6/10

Stephanie in: After Six 2882 – size 8 in African violet

After Six 2882 2882 This wasn't my favorite. It fit me fine and was definitely comfortable, but it just wasn't my first choice. There was just something about the way the skirt hung, that I didn't care for. It was maybe the way the dress ruched and draped. There was nothing wrong with it, it is still gorgeous, I just wouldn't choose it. While the slit was fun, I don't know if it's something I care for. Wear again: No. Overall rating: 1/8

Stephanie in: Bari Jay 1479 – size 8 in rose

Bari Jay 1479 1479 As much as I wanted to like this, I didn't. While the color was beautiful, it wasn't my favorite style. I didn't care for the deep V-neck or the low back. It makes wearing a bra almost impossible, so you would have to sew cups in. I just didn't feel as secure in this as I did in others. It was comfortable, but the way the fabric hangs makes it impossible to really hide anything. Wear again: Probably not. Overall rating: 4.5/10

Stephanie in: Dessy 2880 – size 8 in emerald

Dessy 2880 2880 The ruching on this look did not hit me in the right spot. It ended closer to my hips than my natural waist. It was more of a drop-waist instead of an A-line. If there was a little less ruching I would have liked it a lot better. I thought it made me look boxy. On the other hand, it was very comfortable, the neckline was great, and I really loved the emerald color! Wear again: No thank you. Overall rating: 2/10 We had a lot of fun trying all of our most popular bridesmaid dresses on. It was also eye-opening! As you can see, different designers, styles, and fabrics all make a huge difference in how the dress fits. We hope that we can make it easier to narrow down your bridesmaid options with our honest reviews. Our next edition? Trending bridesmaid styles! Until next time, happy shopping! You may also like... bridesmaid-proposal-ideas Hidden-Wedding-Costs 2017 wedding trends

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