Halloween Wedding Ideas: No Tricks, but Lots of Eye Candy!

Halloween Wedding Ideas: No Tricks, but Lots of Eye Candy!
Halloween wedding ideas are more creative than ever these days, and they don’t even have to involve fake tombstones (unless you want them to). There are some fantastically fresh and modern ways to incorporate your favorite fall holiday into your wedding day: Halloween wedding themes plus some fabulous Halloween wedding dress styles make for tons of inspiration!

Halloween Wedding Dresses

Unique Halloween wedding ideas and themes!

The most important thing to remember about any wedding theme is balance; it can be easy for the theme to overshadow the wedding, instead of the other way around, and the last thing you want is for your guests to be so focused on your theme that they forget why they’re there in the first place! Make sure you find your own happy medium. Shop all of our unique designer gowns at the Wedding Shoppe!>>

Check out these Halloween wedding dress styles!

You can incorporate as much Halloween into your wedding as you want to. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite Halloween-inspired gowns, most of which have elements that can be further customized to your liking. Also, it’s important to remember the overall theme and feel of your wedding when choosing your dress. So, if you love Halloween wedding themes but want to wear a more traditional white or ivory wedding gown, consider incorporating those non-traditional elements into your flowers and decorations. The combination of traditional and non-traditional can be surprisingly refreshing!
Halloween wedding ideas and Halloween wedding dress styles Halloween wedding ideas and Halloween wedding dress styles
More Halloween wedding dress styles:

Halloween wedding themes and colors: Be surprising!

Don’t feel pigeonholed into using your typical Halloween colors; there are tons of gorgeous autumn colors you can choose from. Some of the best Halloween-inspired weddings we’ve seen have involved some unexpected color choices. We’ve scoured all of our favorite resources for some awesome examples of Halloween nuptials that we think strike the perfect balance between quirky and classy. Have a question about anything you see here? Contact us or leave us a comment below; we'd love to hear from you!

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