6 Bridal Gowns Similar to the Bella Swan Wedding Dress

6 Bridal Gowns Similar to the Bella Swan Wedding Dress
Are you looking to emulate the Twilight wedding? Or perhaps you've seen pictures online and just love the look of the Bella Swan wedding dress? Sheath bridal gowns are elegant and romantic, especially when coupled with lace embellishments and an open back. It’s no wonder this style was featured in a popular movie and it’s no surprise brides are searching for the same look. Unfortunately, the official Twilight wedding dress replica by Alfred Angelo was limited release and is no longer available. However, have no fear! We carry several dresses that share key design elements with the gown and will not only provide a similar look, but are also unique enough to set you apart from the movies on your special day.

Sheath bridal gowns are feminine and timeless.

The Bella Swan wedding dress has a sheath silhouette. This silhouette is guaranteed to make your wedding photos look fashionable for years to come. In particular, satin sheath bridal gowns have a Hollywood glamour to them sure to make any bride feel like a movie star. Here are two satin sheath bridal gowns, similar to Bella’s:
sheath bridal gowns sheath bridal gowns

Look for long sleeves to give the look of a Bella Swan wedding dress.

Long sleeves are another important feature of the Bella Swan wedding dress. Sleeves are not as common among bridal gowns as they once were, so you’re certain to feel unique if you choose to go with them. What do you think of these beautiful long-sleeved gowns worthy of a Twilight wedding?
Twilight Wedding Dress Twilight Wedding Dress

Details make the Twilight wedding dress appealing to any bride, fan or not.

Perhaps the most beautiful element of the Bella Swan wedding dress is the lace embellishment surrounding an open back. Open backs are a wonderful way to show a little skin while still maintaining bridal modesty. Lace is not only a timeless fabric that has been associated with weddings for ages, but it also adds the perfect amount of detail to a gown.  These beautiful lace sheath bridal gowns with open backs will certainly make you the envy of everyone at your celebration.
Bella Swan wedding dress Bella Swan wedding dress

What do you think of these dresses similar to the Twilight wedding dress?  Which is your favorite? Comment below!

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