Fun Christmas Traditions for Couples

Fun Christmas Traditions for Couples

Celebrate the holiday season by starting a Christmas tradition as a couple! Winter is finally here and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. Whether you’re newly engaged, newly married, or in a long-term relationship, it’s always nice to have a special holiday tradition between you and your special someone.

As you light up your homes with the most extravagant display of lights and shop for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget to spend some quality time with the love of your life! What better way to reignite that spark in your relationship than to start a new couple’s Christmas tradition?

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Christmas Wedding

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Fun Christmas Traditions to Start as a Couple

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to make some beautiful memories with your significant other. The holidays are a great time for you two to sit down and create a couple’s Christmas tradition to rekindle that fire. Since holidays are filled with endless planning and chaos, this activity will help you both unwind and spend some quality time together!

We compiled some fantastic Christmas ideas for couples that will help you in not only cherishing the time you two spend together but will also be cemented into the foundation of your relationship. Apart from that, a holiday tradition is a wonderful way to get to know each other better, especially if you are just starting out as a couple! 

Let’s dive straight into some Christmas traditions that you two can celebrate as a couple to cherish your everlasting bond!Christmas Wedding

Blu by Mori Lee Amy Wedding Dress | Emma Stender Photography

20 Favorite Christmas Traditions for Couples

Below are some of our favorite Christmas traditions! These Christmas ideas for couples can do wonders for your marriage and are perfect for you two to spend some quality bonding time together!

Christmas Tradition #1: Hot Cocoa Date

Remember drinking hot cocoa around the fireplace as a kid? Why not go on a hot cocoa date with your partner? This is one of the easiest Christmas traditions for couples to follow because it’s simple, comforting, and just about everyone loves hot chocolate!

As you sip through your warm chocolate and talk about your plans for the future, appreciate this time together! Whether you plan to do it beside your own fireplace comfortably snuggled or at a fancy restaurant, it will be a delicious way to warm up together!

Custom Christmas MugPersonalized Couple’s Christmas Mug

Christmas Tradition #2: Have A Christmas Movie Marathon

What better way to enjoy Christmas than to watch a holiday classic snuggled with your partner on a cozy sofa? Whether you opt for something funny, like the movie “Elf,” or want to indulge into something romantic like “Love Actually,” don’t forget to make some popcorn in advance! Of course there’s always Hallmark Christmas movies to watch too!

Christmas Tradition #3: Trade Stockings With One Another

When you have grown up and left your parent’s house, you shouldn’t part with this one very dearly loved Christmas tradition. Exchange Christmas stockings with your partner filled with adorable and sweet items that you know the other would like.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Personalized Tassel Christmas Stockings

Christmas Tradition #4: Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

Visiting a Christmas tree farm can make a special event out of picking out your Christmas tree. Of course you could easily unpack a plastic tree from a box or head to your local Home Depot parking lot to get a Christmas tree. If you have some extra time to spend on an excursion with your partner, look up the closest Christmas tree farm and make a trip out of it!

Christmas Tradition #5: Pick Out Annual Christmas Ornaments

Buying ornaments is one of the most profound Christmas ideas for couples because it is a cute reminder of the memories that you two made together! Make sure to buy something that is meaningful and fun at the same time. For example, if you went on a long road trip that year you could get a car or RV ornament to remember it by.

This tradition is especially wonderful because each year you and your partner will have more and more memories hanging on your Christmas tree.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

“Our First Christmas Together” Custom Couple’s Christmas Ornament

Christmas Tradition #6: Go See Christmas Lights

Another great activity on the list of Christmas ideas for couples is going out to see the Christmas lights. You can make it cozy by taking a thermos of your favorite coffee or hot chocolate with you to sip while you gaze at the beautiful lights. Check out the various light shows in your town and keep an eye out for any annual tree lighting activities near you.

Christmas Tradition #7: Bake Christmas Cookies!

Food connects people and so does cooking together. Working together as a team and baking cookies of your own choice gives you a great time to bond and relax while having fun! At the end of your baking adventure, you will have some delicious treats waiting for you!

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Set of 4 Christmas Cookie Cutters

Christmas Tradition #8: Volunteer or Donate Gifts

Be altruistic and give back to the community by volunteering your services and presence for good causes. The smile you will bring on other people’s faces will be worth it! The holiday season is all about love, kindness, and generosity. Share those feelings with the people who need it the most. You and your partner will bond through service to your community!

Christmas Tradition #9: Wear Matching Christmas Sweatshirts

We know ugly Christmas sweaters are a popular gag gift, but what’s comfier than a Christmas hoodie or sweatshirt? Make it a tradition for you and your boo to cuddle up every year in cozy matching Christmas sweatshirts.

Matching Christmas Sweaters

“Whoville University” Matching Christmas Sweatshirts

Christmas Tradition #10: Go Ice Skating

Experience the magic of love at an ice rink and skate along freely while holding hands and laughing. This works well for amateur as well as expert skaters. In fact, it might even be cuter if you stumble because you’ll have an excuse to hold onto each other!

Christmas Ice Skating Tradition

Christmas Tradition #11: Set Up Christmas Decorations Together

One of the best opportunities to spend time together during the holidays is putting up Christmas decorations. It can take a long time to put lights on the house, decorate the Christmas tree, and set up your other decorations. Make decorating a fun bonding activity by turning these chores into a special tradition with your significant other.  

Christmas Tradition #12: A Christmas Wedding! Celebrate Anniversaries for Years to Come.

Winter weddings are tricky because of the weather but they are also absolutely beautiful. Consider having your wedding near Christmas for an even more festive event. You can incorporate fir trees, red velvet, string lights, pine cones, and fake snow.

Christmas Wedding

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Christmas Tradition #13: Write Naughty Or Nice Notes

Spark up your creative juices and make some cool naughty and nice notes. Compliment your partner for the nice things they’ve done and encourage them to do certain naughty things that you would like by hiding these notes around the house and asking them to find them one by one! Christmas Notes

Christmas Tradition #14: Countdown With an Advent Calendar

Spice up your days leading to Christmas with something more than just Cider or Eggnog. Prepare a special Christmas Calendar with new activities or treasure hunts for each day. You can even write some special memories on this calendar and paste some cool pictures together.

25 Days of Christmas Advent Tokens

25 Days of Christmas Advent Tokens for Couples

Christmas Tradition #15: Plan a Cozy Christmas Vacation

A Christmas vacation could be an exciting opportunity to take some time off from the stress of everyday life and enjoy some quality time together. Focus on strengthening your bond as a couple by going on a fun trip and collecting some memorable souvenirs along the journey.

Christmas Tradition #16: DIY 12 Dates of Christmas

Give yourself and your partner a Christmas gift that keeps on giving for a whole new year. Take a jar and a few pieces of paper and write refreshing and sweet ideas for dates for the next 12 months and throw them into the jar. Each month pick one slip of paper and go on this particular date night adventure. Each of you can also earn bonus points if you present a love letter to the other on these date nights.

Tradition #17: Christmas Eve Toast

A Christmas Eve toast doesn’t have to be dull or boring; in fact, it can be a creative and fun tradition for couples if you try to incorporate something special into it! It can be a private affair with just the two of you (even with blindfolds on where the other person doesn’t know what drink their partner has prepared or chosen for them). You can also have a small gathering of friends and family where you can make a toast together and create precious memories!

Christmas Wedding Champagne Toast

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Tradition #18: Go For A Winter Hike

Get close to nature and experience some incredible views that we tend to miss due to our fast-paced lives. Amongst other Christmas traditions for couples, this one is the best to reflect on your life, sit in peace and enjoy some quality time together!

Tradition #19: Buy Matching Christmas Pajamas

Who doesn’t love wearing comfy Christmas pajamas?! Urge your partner to get matching pajama sets, which can be one of the best Christmas traditions for couples! You guys can either wear them specifically on Christmas or buy new ones each year and wear them as often as you like throughout the year.

Tradition #20: Christmas Eve Alone

Make it a tradition to spend your Christmas Eve night alone. After dinner at your parents or putting the kids to bed, make sure you allot time to just spend with your husband or wife for a Christmas Eve tradition. The Christmas season can become overwhelming with all of the big family obligations. Spending some one-on-one time with your spouse is a special gift you can give to each other!

Start A Couple’s Christmas Tradition This Year!

These beautiful traditions will allow you to make some incredible memories along the way that you will cherish for the rest of your life! Make these traditions your own by putting your own creative touch to them! What are some Christmas traditions that you enjoy with your companion, and which one of these is your favorite?

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June 18, 2020 13:04

I love Christmas time, so these dates are perfect!

June 16, 2020 15:51

I love these ideas! My fiance and I have an ornament for each year we’ve been together.

June 07, 2020 22:34

Volunteering! Such a good way to give back as a couple

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I love so many of these ideas, especially the hot chocolate date! We already do a lot of these, but I never would have thought of them as Christmas traditions. :)

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Yes! Makes me want Christmas in April. We do the ornament every year from Bronner’s in Frankenmuth, MI!

April 20, 2020 16:28

I love these ideas! My fiance and I have an ornament for each year we’ve been together and they always bring a smile to my face when I put them on the tree each year!

Anastasia Anderson
March 06, 2020 10:38

The Christmas love letter and hot cocoa dates are my favorites! Both of our families already have so many Christmas traditions that sometimes it can feel hard to find our own. These are so simple and cute though that they could be easily added!!

March 04, 2020 11:55

Love these ideas, especially because our dating anniversary is right before Christmas!

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