From S’mores to Mad Libs: Wedding Reception Ideas!

As promised, I bring to you seven truly wonderful wedding reception ideas that will spice up the night and make your wedding reception stand out among others.

7 fun wedding reception ideas!

While covering the Lake Bemidji Weddings: Mike & Lisa story along with the Beautiful Backyard Weddings: Jessica and Brian, I came across some really neat wedding reception ideas.  Combining their ideas with mine, a list of seven wedding reception ideas and pictures formulated.

S’mores Desserts for a Lakeshore Wedding

Mike & Lisa’s lakeshore wedding featured a dessert table that included a large glass jar of pink and white marshmallows, Ghiradelli chocolates, and graham crackers for a S’mores dessert.  Cooked over a wood burning fire, the S’mores desserts were a hit at their lake shore wedding on Lake Bemidji.

Cupcake Wedding Tree

Many of you have heard of cupcakes being served in place of a cake. With a cupcake stand, guests get the illusion of a cake.  Wedding cupcakes are easy to serve and often disappear quicker than a whole slice of cake. A cupcake wedding tree isn’t a bad idea if you don’t want to deal with cutting slices of cake.

Wedding Reception Painting

Here’s a new idea that I just love!  Have an artist paint a neutral background on a canvas, but leave the rest of the artwork up to your guests.  Set up a station for your wedding guests to add something to the canvas using acrylic paints and different paint brushes.  Then have them jot down their name and object added to the wedding reception painting on a notepad nearby.  Having a painting is a creative reception idea that all your guests will enjoy.  Plus, the painting can then be displayed in the newlywed’s home in memory of their special day.

Wedding Dance Floor Details

Mike and Lisa had such a neat idea to decorate their wedding dance floor at their Lake Bemidji Wedding.  Using a crayon, they wrote “Lisa and Mike” all the way around the white wood dance floor.   It was the perfect wedding dance floor details and best yet, it was practically free!

Wedding Drawings

I saw this at a wedding a few years ago, and it was such a hit!  The bride and groom asked each guest (especially the kids) to draw a picture for them with Crayons.  Each table had a different theme for the drawings such as “Draw your favorite part of our wedding day” or “Draw Becky & Kyle in ten years."  The newlyweds then placed all their drawings in a scrapbook album to keep in memory of their big day.

MadLibs Themed Guest Books

If you’re not into the traditional guest book idea, spice it up a bit with a MadLibs themed guestbook.  Remember how fun MadLibs are?  Your guests will fill in the blanks with their names and then fill in the blanks with comments about your wedding day or the newlyweds as a couple.  You can create your own MadLibs themed guest books or find them online.  MadLibs themed guest books will surely be enjoyable to look back on after your wedding.

Thinking you love the MadLibs themed guest book idea but would also like a traditional guest book for your wedding ceremony?  You’re in luck!  Wedding Shoppe Inc. has great deals on wedding guest books.  You’ll find a whole selection of wedding guest books for great prices. From S’mores to MadLibs, Laura Lou has creative wedding ideas to help you plan your dream wedding.

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May 16, 2019 06:41

Once again I am reminded as to why cupcakes have become such a popular alternative to one large wedding cake. Looks like they were mini-cupcakes – even better – more to try!

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