Floral Print Bridesmaid Dresses: In-Bloom & On-Trend

OK, so we admit that florals for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but even fictional fashion editor Miranda Priestly would agree that they sure are a gorgeous addition to a wedding party during the spring and summer months. As for us, we will forever be fans. The warm weather months present the perfect opportunity to break out of your wintertime rut and dress your ‘maids in the cheery, colorful prints – a fresh alternative to the same old monochromatic, matchy-matchy gowns. And with endless options, there’s something to please nearly everyone! Opt for a rainbow of hues or stick to one single color family; choose from oversized blooms or teeny tiny buds; pick a frock that’s blanketed in blossoms all over, or loosely scattered throughout. Allure-1439 Lucky for us, it seems that the floral bridesmaid dress trend isn’t going anywhere as we head into 2017 wedding planning. But while these gorgeous blooms have weaved their way into wedding parties in a somewhat subdued fashion over the past few years, with neutrals shades or a single accent color dominating the trend, we’re starting to see brighter hues, powerful prints and more adventurous color combinations as we approach the coming season. Not sure how to work the bold blooms into your bridal party? We’re here to help! With fresh offerings from Alfred Sung and Allure here at the Wedding Shoppe, brides have more options than ever for working the trend into their bridal party dressing. Read on for our tips and tricks for outfitting your ‘maids in our newest floral frocks. Tips include our advice on choosing the right fit, how to coordinate shades, selecting the right accessories and much, much more. Shop Floral Bridesmaid Dresses Shop Bridesmaid Dresses

Floral Print Bridesmaid Dresses: Taking on the Trend

How to Style:

First, decide which of your gal pals should wear the print. With an oversized pattern or an extra-bright color combo, dressing the entire bridal party in identical prints may be a bit over the top for the more modest bride. If this sounds like you, try dressing just the maid of honor in the print, or jump on the mix-and-match bandwagon – another trend that shows no signs of slowing down – and outfit your girls in complementary floral print and monochromatic dresses, alternating as you go down the line. Allure-1440-ad1 Are you all in? Let your besties be the statement piece in your wedding with bold florals across the board. If you choose to mix and match, take note: There’s a certain art to it that can make or break your bridal party look. The key is to choose your print, then build around it. For example, take this Alfred Sung D724CP style in White Bouquet. Alfred-Sung-D724CP Alfred-Sung-D724FP The floor-length gown, a strapless sateen twill stunner (bonus points for the pockets!), features oversized watercolor blooms in various shades of blue on a stark white backdrop. With that color scheme in mind, start mixing. Choose a dress of the same length in a similar cut and fabric, opting for a shade that complements the blue hues of the print, like cobalt or sky blue (or both, for the truly bold bride!). My personal favorite? This strapless Allure 1441 floor-length style, a flowing chiffon confection in a delicious light aqua shade with teeny blush-colored blossoms sprinkled throughout. Allure-1441 Allure-1441-back While the logical pairing for a mix-and-match party would be a similar silhouette in a neutral taupe to complement the print’s brownish notes, I might also consider matching it with a monochromatic baby pink for a sea of springtime pastels. After all, I’m not one to shy away from color! Just remember the cardinal rules: If you’re mixing and matching, choose one color family and stick to it. If your print is multi-hued, pull out one shade and opt for coordinating dresses that complement that single note. And finally, maintain consistency across styles and dress length; don’t mix an A-line silhouette with a fit-and-flare, and choose short or long styles, but definitely not both. Allure-1440-1403 As for the cut, be sure to opt for an A-line shape when choosing your floral-print frocks. With the heavy hand of the pattern, it’s best to stick with a simple, unfettered silhouette so as not to create a hot mess of visual effects. As an added bonus, an A-line silhouette is flattering on nearly everyone, as it accentuates the waist – the smallest part of the body – and covers what every gal wants covered down below. Trust us, your ‘maids will thank you. Finally, you’ll need to decide what type of feel you’re going for based on the location and theme of your wedding, and narrow down your style accordingly. For an afternoon garden party, shorter styles are ideal, while a black-tie bonanza demands a floor-length gown. If your big day boasts a bohemian theme, opt for picks in flowing chiffon for a relaxed, effortless air; conversely, choose structured satin for a formal affair.

How to Accessorize:

Pairing these daring designs with plain Jane accessories may seem like the safe choice, but it’s far less necessary than you might think, provided you style with care. The majority of these dresses are strapless, so add a statement necklace in shiny metallic or a single coordinating tone for a fashion-forward touch. Just be sure to stay away from multi-hued accessories to avoid a serious clashing situation and you’ll be just fine. If statement pieces aren’t your cup of tea, well, to each her own. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with simple but gorgeous accouterments, like a silvery pendant necklace or a pair of elegant studs. Or you can opt for no jewelry at all, and let the prints speak for themselves! Allure-1435-1436 A belt or sash is another chic addition for the bride who wants to infuse a bit of personal style. Choose a simple, solid-colored belt in a coordinating shade, or get creative and cut your own sashes from a length of satin ribbon. As an added bonus, the waistline accessory will cinch the middle, creating a flattering shape that your girls will love. As for the shoes, a neutral or metallic shoe will work just fine with these audacious prints, but why not kick things up a notch? Since the current trend encourages brides to make loud and proud color choices for their ‘maids, channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and pair a brightly hued statement shoe with a knee- or tea-length dress. Take the Allure 1439 short style in pink/yellow, for example. A strappy sandal in a sunny yellow would help play up the subtle buttery notes in the print, don’t you think? Or pair the tea-length Alfred Sung D722FP with a fiery red stiletto to make those scarlet blooms really pop. Allure-1439 Alfred-Sung-D722FP

How to Choose a Bouquet:

Just because your bridal party is covered in blooms doesn’t mean you need to forgo real flora. The key is to keep it simple. Choose one classic bloom, like hydrangeas or roses, and bundle ‘em into a small cluster. When in doubt, go white, but ultimately the choice is yours. In some cases, a single, understated color can harmonize nicely with your pattern of choice. With the Allure 1436, for example, a baby pink bloom like a blush peony is the perfect complement to the gown’s varying light and dark pink shades. Allure-1436 Allure-1437 Another on-trend option? An all-foliage bouquet. Alternately, you may also want to try corsages or fans if you don’t want to overwhelm your bridal party with flowers and greenery. Now that you’ve got all the tools you’ll need to dress your bridesmaids in stunning florals for your upcoming nuptials, how will you style your girls? You may also like… Honest Reviews: Trending Bridesmaid Dresses boho bridesmaid dresses plus size bridesmaid dresses

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