Expert Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas for Every Season

Expert Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas for Every Season
Every season in every region has the potential to make a great setting for your big day. Here are a few tips and to help you get through your dream day—weather and trends permitting.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas by Season:


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Outdoor weddings in the spring have proven time and again to be beautiful, but there are a few things that could set you back if you aren’t completely prepared. As far as weather goes, you know what they say about April showers. Fingers crossed that your day brings plenty of warmth and sunshine, but what should you do when Mother Nature takes her toll? First, try to rent from a company that offers a rain policy so you will be able to get a tent at the last minute to ensure the dryness of you and your guests. Rain can also put a damper on your hair, causing frizz and flatness. Try to plan on getting an updo or wearing a hairpiece to keep everything in place. If it does start to drizzle, take advantage of it! Grab colorful umbrellas and get some unique photos. Whatever you do, don’t let a little rain spoil your dream day! Where there’s rain, there’s mud, so take caution when you’re walking from place to place outside. Ask your personal attendant or bridesmaids to have a bleach pen handy for muddy splatters on your dress, and consider switching into rain boots while commuting to avoid dirty shoes. Don’t forget to take a few photos in these—they’ll be an unexpected accessory everyone will love. Kennedy-Blue-blush-bridesmaids-in-spring If you do get lucky and get to skip the rain showers, spring might deal you a different hand and turn the heat on high. If this is the case, an updo will suit you well having you sweat less. If you do opt to keep it down, try to style in a way that will be easy to throw into a cute ponytail, braid, or bun. Also, it might not be a bad idea to have the groomsmen carry handkerchiefs to wipe away sweat between photos. And with the day heat comes the night chill, so make sure you’re carrying around the right accessories to accommodate. Consider purchasing a matching shawl to wear after the ceremony, and whatever the weather, make sure you let your guests—especially out-of-towners—in on the forecast. A lot of our bridal gowns come with removable capes or cropped jackets. These are actually a hot trend for 2015! Shop Bridal Gowns Blog Button

My Favorite Spring Trends:

-Pastels—wedding dresses, party attire, décor—everything. -Birdcage veils -Garden venues -Flower crowns -Natural makeup with bold lips -Floral print bridesmaid dresses -Cardigans for the ‘maids -Light-colored suits for the men -Peonies -Cherry Blossoms bride-and-groom-summer-wedding

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The arrival of summer means it’s officially wedding season. Just like spring, summer can be the most perfect time to share your nuptials but, just like spring, you’ll want to be prepared for anything. If you do plan to say your vows outdoors, prepare for potential swarms of bugs. You can light citronella torches and candles to keep the bugs at bay without having to sacrifice décor, or simply supply cans of bug spray around the aisles for your guests. When choosing flowers, ask your florist for the plants least likely to attract bees and other pesky bugs, and use unscented hairspray to keep them out of your face. If you find that the sticky weather and insect problem might be too much of a burden, it’s not a bad idea to skip the outdoor venue altogether and opt for a ceremony and reception indoors. You might find that it is more comfortable not only for yourself, but also your guests. An indoor space is definitely more reliable, and you can still get an outdoor feel by decorating with fresh plants and flowers. With that being said, if you do decide to brave the heat, go for a fondant cake to avoid melting, and choose hardier flowers like orchids or lilies that are more able to withstand the heat and avoid wilting. bride-and-bridesmaids-summer-wedding

Need-to-Know Summer Trends:

-Low-back bridal gowns -Flowing cathedral-length veils -Sandals or strappy heels (or bare feet!) -Mix and match bridesmaid dresses -Short chiffon bridesmaid dresses -Food trucks for dinner or a late night snack -Farm-to-table -Americana décor -Barn or backyard venues -DIY wildflower bouquets



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Fall can be a great time of year to tie the knot—the weather is generally predictable, the bugs have subsided, and it’s not quite summer but not quite winter either. As far as hair and makeup go, you can be pretty certain that everything will stay in place whether you decide to be indoors or out. However, there are still a few wedding planning tips and ideas to keep in mind. If you decide to be outdoors, don’t feel the need for everyone to wear heavy fabrics. This obviously depends on in which region you hold your nuptials, but it’s not taboo to wear lighter fabrics such as chiffon—just always choose something your ‘maids will look beautiful and flattering in. I prefer lighter dresses with cute cardigans or flannels. The photos are adorable and everyone loves layers. Shop Bridesmaids Button For the groomsmen, it’s also important to note that dark colors aren’t necessarily a must—you can still go with earthy tones, and if weather permits, don’t be afraid to nix their jackets as well. Suspenders and bow ties? So great. Make sure your guests are aware of any outdoor activities. If you’re having yard games or a late-night bonfire, they’ll want to dress accordingly. Provide blankets or space heaters if necessary. bride-and-bridesmaids-fall-wedding What about those buds? A lot of the most popular flowers won’t be in season this time of year. To avoid over-priced bouquets and centerpieces, talk to your florist about the in-season options. Roses, carnations, and sunflowers are popular. You can also try greenery arrangements or something rustic, like a stock of wheat! Also of importance: You do not have to feel obligated to use specific autumn wedding hues such as orange, brown, and red. Experts suggest using other rich colors, like plum, navy, and gold. Add in neutrals like beige or Marsala for an on-trend combination. And if you do decide to go with brighter, summery colors, complement them with one or two of those richer, darker hues to create balance.

Amazing Autumn Trends:

-Long-sleeved, lace wedding dresses -Mid-length veils -Peep-toe shoes -Half-up, relaxed hair -Lace bridesmaid gowns -Vineyard and apple orchard venues -Leafy centerpieces—or gourds! -Gold and copper accents -Bonfires and s’mores -Pie for dessert -Apple cider, apple pie, caramel apples—apples everywhere. bride-and-groom-snowy-wedding

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Some of my favorite weddings that I’ve attended have been during the winter—and in Minnesota, that’s no small feat. A winter big day can be absolutely wonderful if you take the right measures to ensure everything goes smoothly. Plus, a lot of vendors will offer discounted rates during the colder months! Speaking of cold—with winter comes snow. Make sure you and your vendors are prepared for flurries. I don’t want to jinx it, but consider wedding insurance. If a blizzard decides to take over and your guests can’t make it, you want to be prepared. You may also want to avoid big days near the holidays so more guests are able to make it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors that don’t exactly fit a holiday palette. Just because your big day might be closer to Christmas than not, it doesn’t mean you have to decorate everything in red and green candy canes. Berry and blush, emerald green and grey, jade and icy blue, or black with metallic accents; some of the most elegant color palettes can be used during this snow-white season. bride-and-bridesmaids-winter-wedding And just as in autumn, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of fabrics and cuts for you and your bridesmaids. Try going sleeveless, or donning silk—just make sure everyone has the appropriate outer wear like heavy jackets and flat shoes when going from here to there. For photos, consider furs, boots, or other chic outwear. You can also make your guests more comfortable by treating them to warm goodies like hot cocoa, apple cider, and gingerbread cookies for good measure. Nothing says “winter” like comfort food!

Unique Winter Trends:

-Long-sleeved dresses -Jewel-tone bridesmaids -Bold, berry lips and big curls -Fur/coats and boots for outdoor photos -Greenery and succulents for bouquets and centerpieces -Candles everywhere -Velvet and sequins—attire, décor, and more. -White cakes with metallic accents -Warm drinks (Baileys and coffee, anyone?) -Comfort food for dinner -Horse-drawn carriages Can you think of more seasonal wedding planning tips and ideas? Share them in the comments below! You may also enjoy...

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