Classic and Tasteful Engagement Photo Ideas

Classic and Tasteful Engagement Photo Ideas
After you get engaged and call all of your friends and family to share the news, you will want to get the planning started immediately. Once you set your date and secure your photographer, you will need to start thinking about your engagement photo ideas. Your engagement photos are something that you will have forever, can share with family and friends, and will be nicely displayed in your home. If you’re wondering how to take engagement pictures just remember the theme of your session should reflect your style as a couple. All of the elements of your shoot, from location to wardrobe should be cohesive with this style.

Classic Engagement ShotPhotography by - Caylan Vanaman Photography

How to take engagement pictures: pick a perfect location for your shoot!

After choosing the theme from your list of engagement photo ideas, you will then have to decide on the perfect time and place to bring your vision to life. I knew I wanted my engagement photos to be casual, fun, and slightly quirky. We chose to do the shoot at our home because that is where we are most comfortable. We also wanted to have our dogs in some of our pictures, and knew that would be most easily done at our own house. The location turned out to be perfect for us because we were able to make it casual, and add some exciting and stylish elements. A park or a pretty field are other great locations for casual photo shoots.

Engagement photo props: Choosing the outfits and props for your photos.

Although we wanted to show our style as a couple, we still wanted to add in some of our own individual personalities. Clothing and engagement photo props are the perfect way to add in your personal touch. We used magazines to display our hobbies, and our clothing choices to reflect our individual styles. It really worked out well together for the outcome of the pictures.

fun engagement photo propsPhotography by - Caylan Vanaman Photography

How to take engagement pictures: Don’t forget to have fun!

There will be plenty to stress about during your wedding planning experience, so be sure to HAVE FUN while taking your engagement photos, and let your photographer do the heavy lifting. Being relaxed and enjoying the day with each other will make for special memories, as well as natural and playful looking photographs. Congratulations on your engagement!

engagement photo ideasPhotography by - Caylan Vanaman Photography

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