What is an Encore Wedding and What do I Wear as a Second Time Bride?

We talked a few months ago about how to choose wedding dresses for second weddings and vow renewals. It was one of my favorite things to write about because there isn’t a lot of established attire etiquette defining what to wear. Luckily designers have started to notice that wedding dresses for second weddings are a needed part of their fashion lines. My new favorite (and now in-stock online!) is Encore by Watters.

Encore by Watters

What is an encore wedding?

Let’s get this out of the way: an encore wedding is the same thing as a second wedding or third wedding or fourth and so on. Encore weddings are usually smaller affairs, and usually involve older adult couples. The bride often chooses a less flashy wedding gown and throws a slightly less formal event. When looking for wedding dresses for second marriage, brides tend to look for more sophisticated options. One problem: there aren’t many fashionable, sexy, sleek options out there. Encore by Watters has filled that gap perfectly. Oh my goodness, be ready to fall in love! Fall in love with all of our beautiful gowns!>>

Wedding dresses for second marriage: Sexy sophistication.

Watters is known for their elegant, timeless wedding gown designs; they are some of our best sellers here at the Wedding Shoppe. They are usually the ones I fawn over when I visit the bridal department of our store, too. The attention to detail, exceptionally flattering silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics are worth every penny, and Encore by Watters is no exception. Plus, all Encore dresses are under $400 which will give you more wiggle room in your budget.
Encore by Watters Encore by Watters
Each dress is named after a flower in the Encore collection. I’m personally in love with Posey. It’s the perfect wedding dress with sleeves. It exudes simple elegance and confidence with its body skimming silhouette and lace overlay. Let’s not forget the gentle, modest neckline. That’s one of the great features of the Encore collection. Each dress has a timeless silhouette with varying necklines to best flatter your figure and comfort level. If you’ve found love and are planning your encore wedding, why not fall in love with Encore by Watters? You’ll be the belle of the ball in one of these wedding dresses for second weddings.

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It’s both are Second wedding we are just shopping around August 9 2025

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