Everything’s Coming up Roses: Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Everything’s Coming up Roses: Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dresses
If you’ve read a wedding blog in the past year, you’ve no doubt seen the rise in popularity of the dusty rose bridesmaid dress. Lela Rose chiffon dresses come in two pretty pink colors that would make gorgeous dusty rose bridesmaid dresses. And Lela Rose bridesmaid dresses are so romantic already that wearing one of these ladylike designs in dusty rose is nothing short of perfection.

Pretty in pink: Lela Rose.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a woman named Lela Rose created such a beautiful “dusty rose” color. Granted, her pink colors are technically named “Rose” and “Suede Rose,” but I think they fit the bill; both are perfect shades of pinky mauve. Suede Rose has a touch more blue to it than Rose, so it just depends on which color you like best!

Found: The perfect dusty rose bridesmaid dress.

The great thing about a shade of pink like this is that it’s a little darker than a lot of the blush pinks we’ve seen. Trust me, this is so much more flattering, especially for the fair-skinned beauties in your bridal party. They won’t feel like they have to create a daily spray tan ritual for the weeks leading up to the wedding, and you’ll feel better knowing they love the color. To quote our Buyer, Carolyn: “Winning!”
Lela Rose Pink bridesmaid dress

More Lela Rose chiffon styles:

Aside from Lela Rose 153, there are several other chiffon dusty rose bridesmaid dresses you’ll love. You can check out the entire collection, but here are a few of my favorites: What do you think? Will you put your girls in Lela Rose chiffon?

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