Say ‘Thank You’ with DIY Flower Pot Bridal Shower Gifts

While it is not considered necessary to give thank you bridal shower gifts, the trend is catching on. After all, your friend put in a lot of work to throw an event where you get presents, so it seems only fitting to give them one as well! Some cute bridal shower ideas for thanking your friend include a monogrammed umbrella and a shower caddy gift basket. Want a similarly creative shower-themed idea? Look no further!

bridal shower gifts

How to decorate flower pots to use as bridal shower gifts:

1. Gather your materials. You’ll need: terracotta flower pots, plants, potting soil, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, and any other decorating supplies you choose. Some ideas you could incorporate if you choose are stickers, glitter, ribbons, and stencils.

bridal shower ideas

2. Paint the rim of the pot white. We chose to keep the rim painted white, but you could also go over the white with another color to match your bridal shower theme or your friend’s favorite color. However, unless you decide to paint it black, you should still paint a white base coat.

bridal shower ideas

3. Paint the body of the pot black. Again, you can also choose another color. Make sure if you choose a color other than black you paint a white base coat first, otherwise the color won’t look as bright. An alternative to simply painting this part of the pot is to wrap a ribbon around the body, paint it with glue and roll it in glitter, or paint it with chalkboard paint!

bridal shower ideas

4. Add decorations to the pot. We painted cute little rainbow hearts around the rim of the pot. You could paint any decoration you want, use stencils to add a monogram, or glue on sparkly rhinestones!

bridal shower gifts

5. Paint the saucer white. Paint a white base coat and then (if you didn’t use white) paint the saucer to match the color you painted the rim of the pot.

bridal shower gifts

6. Put a little layer of soil in the bottom of the pot.

bridal shower ideas

7. Put your plant in the pot. Fill around the plant if necessary with more soil so that it is snug, but not too tightly packed.

bridal shower gifts

8. Hand write or print off a tag or card to accompany your pot. We got this idea from a little poem we came up with: "Thanks for the shower, enjoy the flowers!" You can use thank you cards or tie a little tag onto the stem of the plant. Feel free to use our sample tag, below:


Miniature decorated flower pots make perfect bridal shower favors!

Do you like the idea of decorating flower pots, but don’t need a thank you present? Consider using miniature flower pots as bridal shower favors! You can put a single flower, a flowering cactus, or a pretty herb in the pot. Decorate little tags with a modified version of our poem: “Remember my shower with this beautiful flower. Thanks for coming!” These bridal shower favors are certain to be a hit with your guests!

bridal shower favors

What do you think of decorating flower pots as thank you bridal shower gifts? Do you have other bridal shower ideas? Share with us below!

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May 16, 2019 07:28

These are so cute! What a sweet and intentional way to say “thank you” to your friends and family that put a ton of time and resources into throwing you a shower. :)

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