Country Wedding Dresses and Ideas

While we all love the DIY projects that have swept the industry, sometimes they’re just too time consuming! The celebrity weddings of both Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert littered Pinterest with new southern trends, but how can you take them on and save time? If you don’t have the extra hours to spend painting chalkboards or hand-crafting banners, you can still have a rustic wedding—I can prove it. I’ve picked out a chic collection of country wedding dresses, along with a few of my favorite planning tips to make sure you get the big day of your dreams. Country Wedding Dresses and Ideas

Chic country wedding dresses.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite—the dress. Lace may be the first fabric that comes to mind, but I’ve seen country brides wear tulle ball gowns and ruffled fit-and-flares, too. Lace bridal gowns will fit into the scene with ease, but if you accessorize a ball gown with cowboy boots or a cozy flannel, you’ll instantly look the part. Let your ‘maids join in on the fun with jeans shirts tied at the waist, or their own pair of leather boots. Carry sunflowers, wheat, or wildflower bouquets to complete the look.
allure-8800 allure-9068
The designers to start with are Allure, Allure Romance, and Hayley Paige. Allure is the king of lace, so you’ll find plenty of styles with that rustic flair you’re looking for. Hayley Paige is my personal favorite. You may not find yards of appliqués, but you will discover romantic silhouettes and lots of flowing chiffon—gorgeous for outdoor days. This young designer will give you just enough bling without losing the downhome vibe, too.
mori-lee-1901 mori-lee-1862

What about the country boys?

The options for rustic menswear are endless. Tweed vests with colorful boutonnieres, khaki pants with bright plaid shirts, nice jeans and white shirts, or suspenders with basically anything. If your man loves hunting, show him our camo vest and tie. Just make sure the boys remember their boots! Country-Groomsmen-Attire

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How to bring your guests to the country.

Instead of renting white chairs, consider offering hay bails and picnic blankets as seating options. This works perfectly for an outdoor ceremony, creating a relaxed vibe that is rustic and absolutely adorable. Your guests will love the fun seating arrangement, encouraging them to enjoy the special day in a low-key way. For the menu: I don’t think chicken cordon bleu or fois gras are going to be requested in your backyard, do you? Consider a BBQ or your favorite comfort foods. There are so many ways to kick home-style cooking up a notch! Create a burger bar, serve roasted corn on the cob, or anything farm-to-table. Cake may be traditional, but s’mores, pies, or a popcorn bar are easy-to-do desserts that will fit in deliciously.

Rustic wedding favors.

Favors are your last chance to incorporate your theme. Consider sending your guests home with a bouquet of dried lavender or loose-leaf tea to enjoy. What about a packet of seeds that will grow into a plant they can enjoy for years? One of my favorite favors involves—you guessed it—mason jars. You know you need them, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Place a colorful straw and lemonade mix in each jar before you place them on the table. Not only will they enjoy a sweet drink at dinner, but they can take the glass home for more. I hope these country wedding dresses and ideas will give your big day a fun vibe without taking every minute of your spare time. Look for additional opportunities to swap out traditional elements for a trendy approach, tying your theme together perfectly.

Share your favorite country ideas in a comment below!

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Mya Murphy
June 30, 2020 21:24

I’m as country as it gets.. I SO want a barn wedding.. 😍

May 16, 2019 07:50

Hi Candice!
The top dress is Carrie by Hayley Paige! Here’s a link to the gown:
Thanks for reading!

May 16, 2019 07:50

Love this post! Who is the designer of the first picture in this title of post? The one with the stunning beading on the back?

thank you!

May 16, 2019 07:50

New Blog Post: Country Wedding Dresses and Ideas – While we all love the DIY projects that have swept the industry…

May 16, 2019 07:50

Are you a southern girl at heart? Shop our favorite country wedding dresses:

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