Q&A: How Do I Choose Men's Ties for the Groomsmen? And Related Questions

Q&A: How Do I Choose Men's Ties for the Groomsmen? And Related Questions
So, you've picked out your color scheme, the bridesmaid dresses, your bridal gown, and you've found caterers, the perfect band, and a venue. Then you realize--you forgot about the groomsmen! What's the best way to tie in male members of the bridal party? Why, men's ties of course! Today we're answering a few of your questions about this important piece of  groomsmen attire: the necktie. groomsmen attire

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How do I choose men's ties for the groomsmen?

Depending on your color scheme and bridesmaid dresses, there may or may not be a simple solution to this question. If you decided to adorn you favorite ladies in Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses, you're in luck! We recently released a line of Kennedy Blue neckties designed to match perfectly with your 'maids. However, if you chose to go a different route with your gals, then the best option is either to bring a color swatch with you to shop for ties or choose a complementary color for your groomsmen attire. If you're able to find a perfect match, hurray! Otherwise, choose an accent color from the 'maids bouquets or other accessory for the ties. With this option, you don't have to worry about matching exactly!

Who is expected to match the groomsmen attire?

There are a lot of traditions surrounding weddings, and groomsmen attire is certainly not left out. If you're having a formal wedding or are looking to keep as close to tradition as possible, there are specific people who should be wearing matching men's ties. The people who should definitely match are the groomsmen, the ushers, and the fathers. It is optional whether the groom matches everyone exactly, as well as the ring bearer. It's okay for the groom to stand out, and for the ring bearer to look like a miniature of the groom. Depending on your family dynamics and what must have wedding photos you've planned for, there might be other people you'd like to match the groomsmen attire as well, such as brothers, sons, and grandfathers. Make sure to let these people know in advance if you expect them to match, too.
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Do the groomsmen have to wear matching neckties?

It's important to keep in mind that just because tradition dictates something, as mentioned above, it certainly doesn't mean your wedding has to be that way. Your wedding celebrates you and your fiance, and so the two of you should make whatever decisions you feel are best. So, to answer your question, certainly not! While traditional groomsmen attire matches, so do traditional bridesmaids. However, a new trend of having mix-matched bridesmaid dresses has become very popular. Why not do a similar thing with your male attendants? If you're looking at Kennedy Blue neckties, for example, there are several different ties that all match the same Kennedy Blue color (as well as all our dress styles!). I love the idea of choosing a color you like, and asking all your party members to choose a dress or tie in that color! Think of the gorgeous menagerie you'd end up with, and how special and comfortable all your best friends will feel having chosen their own get-up. How did you go about choosing men's ties for groomsmen attire? Share your thoughts and advice with us below!

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Meghan Jungwirth
May 16, 2019 07:26

Bought that green tie for my fiance! He loved it, so fun, reasonable, and a little more updated than the standard department store ties that are $45!

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