Honoring Your Heritage: Chinese Wedding Customs

Honoring Your Heritage: Chinese Wedding Customs
Are you looking to honor your heritage by incorporating into your special day? Read more to learn about Chinese wedding customs!

Find out more about traditional Chinese wedding customs!

Brides often want to add touches of their ancestry into their wedding planning. So we've done a little research and here are just a few Chinese marriage customs that you can consider.  Be sure to watch My Wedding Chat blog for wedding customs from other countries from around the world. The color Red in Chinese Wedding Customs

According to “The Wedding Coordinator: A Bride's Best Friend” in the Manila Bulletin, traditional Chinese wedding planning would include the following:

  • Red bridal gowns are the traditional Chinese style for brides.
  • Weddings are large with 500 to 600 guests – or even as many as 1,000 – who will enjoy a meal of at least 12 courses
  • Guests give the bride and groom red envelopes stuffed with money and/or jewels for good luck
Red bridal gowns

According to “Chinese Wedding Boxes,” an article published by Interior Design, the tradition of Chinese wedding boxes goes back 1,000 years.

Before the ceremony, the bride’s family would conspicuously display the boxes storing her clothing and household goods. Before the Yuan Dynasty, the wooden boxes were painted and decorated with lacquer. After 1279, the boxes were often painted leather. As time passed, the boxes became increasingly more ornate, kind of like the ones pictured below.  Chinese Wedding Boxes

Cathy's Concepts Card Boxes 1943 would make beautifully modern Chinese wedding boxes!

In “Weddings of the World” by Marie Claire, we discovered more about Chinese wedding customs in Malaysia.

Many brides in Malaysia are of Chinese descent. The night before these brides’ weddings, an older member of the family combs the bride’s hair four times to bless her with harmony, prosperity, fertility and endurance.

Consider adopting one or more of these traditional Chinese marriage into your own wedding planning!

Remember to check back as we add blog posts about other cultural wedding traditions from around the world!

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