Buying a Wedding Dress Online: What You Need to Know

What you need to know about buying a wedding dress online:

Are you nervous to buy your wedding dress online? We understand! This will be one of the biggest purchases of your life, and online shopping can sometimes come with a bit of stress. However, shopping online for your wedding attire can be a relaxing, convenient experience with a wider selection--especially with the Wedding Shoppe. Not convinced? Here's what you need to know. Because of frequent online promotions, shopping online for your wedding attire can often save you money! Not only is it cost-effective and convenient, but you're able to shop a much larger selection of designer wedding dresses and attire from the comfort of your couch. It's impossible for a store to carry every style and designer you love, but shop online and you'll have plenty right at your fingertips. Increasing numbers of people are making the decision to buy their wedding dresses online—and even more are buying their bridesmaid gowns. The most significant increases are from trend-setting New York and California, but more people are choosing this option throughout the United States – as well as in Australia, Canada and Europe. This shows a growing comfort level to online bridal shopping, as more and more people know someone else who has had a great experience with her choice. Many brides are concerned they'll be missing out on that special moment. You know, the one where you walk out in your dream gown and say "yes" to the dress. You can still have that! Once your dress arrives, have a viewing party with your 'maids, mom, and whoever else would have come to your bridal appointment. Pop champagne, try on your gown, and we bet you'll still bring tears to their eyes. Now, we're not saying you shouldn't stop into our fabulous store in Saint Paul, but many of you are reading this from hundreds of miles away! We're offering to bring our memorable in-store experience to you via Still not convinced? Here are the answers to some common questions  many brides ask before shopping online. Tips-for-Buying-a-Wedding-Dress-Online

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FAQ and Answers:

How do I know that a gown will fit me? One strategy used by many brides-to-be: try on a gown in-store and then price compare with the Wedding Shoppe. There’s a good change you'll save some of that budget with us. Or, if you’re interested in a Kennedy Blue, you can pay just one dollar to have a sample mailed to you, so you can make sure it’s the right style, fit, and color for you. It’s important to choose the right silhouette for your body type. Here is one tool available to give you some guidance. What are the average prices of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses today? At the Wedding Shoppe, the average bridal gown is between $900-1200. A bridesmaid dress averages $125-150, with $180 for full-length. Compare these prices to other retailers, and you’ll quickly come back to us! How early should I order a bridal gown? How early should my bridesmaids? The short answer is: the sooner, the better, so that you can have time for alterations (no matter how or where you purchase). More specifically, brides should order their looks six to nine months before the big day, depending on the time of year. Ideally, start looking 9-12 months in advance to allow time for alterations. Bridesmaids should order six months in advance at least. When ordering, be sure to look at the size chart specifically created for the designer of your choice. If possible, get yourself professionally measured before choosing the size. We always recommend ordering the size that matches your largest measurement, since alterations can always be done later. Check out our measurement guide to see what we mean. Leave time to get all of your looks professionally pressed, something that will need done no matter where you buy your attire.

What other advantages are there to buying your wedding dress online?

1.) It’s easy to compare several websites to get the best deal. 2.) Typically, more inventory is available than in-store. 3.) Bridesmaids, who often live in numerous places all over the country, will find the purchase more convenient to make. As a final piece of advice, always buy from a reputable retailer. If a price is too good to be true, then it almost always is. You might find yourself ordering your dream dress--and then it turns out to be a cheap knock-off, or it might not arrive at all.

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Do you guys have a free try on period at all?

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Wondering if the dress will will look like the dress in the picture

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The best tips for buying your wedding dress online:

May 16, 2019 07:46

New Blog Post: Buying a Wedding Dress Online: What You Need to Know

May 16, 2019 07:46

Scared to buy a wedding dress online? We understand, but there are so many reasons it’s a great idea! Here they are:

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