Your Crowning Glory: Tips on Wearing Bridal Tiaras and Headbands

Yesterday, we featured some tips on how to wear wedding dress sashes and belts. We’re continuing with helpful hints on how to wear your favorite bridal accessories with today’s post: how to wear the bridal headband or wedding tiara.

Bridal hairstyles with tiara ideas from Wedding Shoppe Inc.

How to wear your favorite wedding headbands and tiaras.

Wedding headbands and bridal tiaras give you yet another opportunity to create a wedding day look that’s completely your own. What bride doesn’t want that? There are tons of different hairstyle ideas out there, and there are tons of styles of hair accessories. We aren’t math whizzes, but we’re pretty sure that adds up to a lot of possible combinations!

Wedding hairstyles with headband ideas:

If you’re debating between wearing a headband or a tiara, consider this: as a general rule, headbands are more casual, so use the theme of your overall look to help you determine which of these options will suit you better. Keep that in mind when you choose your hairstyle, too. We love the slightly messy (but oh-so-lovely) aspects to these examples, any of which would look fantastic with or without a headband:
  • Messy bun with headband and volume
  • Long waves half-up with center part
  • Curly half-up with headband
  • Messy side braid with headband

Here are a few of our favorite wedding headbands:

Bridal hairstyles with tiara ideas from Wedding Shoppe Inc.

(Shop the entire headband collection here!)

Bridal hairstyles with tiara ideas:

On the other end of the spectrum we have the more formal bridal tiaras, for the true princess bride. If you love the idea of wearing a tiara, take some inspiration from these polished bridal hairstyles with tiara ideas:
  • Long half-up and with volume and bangs
  • Short bob with rhinestone headband, flapper style
  • Long, sleek waves with deep side part

Check out these fabulous crowns:

Bridal hairstyles with tiara ideas from Wedding Shoppe Inc.

(Shop more tiaras from the Wedding Shoppe.) Don't forget to keep in mind your overall wedding day look when choosing your accessories. They say “the devil is in the details,” but remembering not to get stuck on them will keep you from getting lost! Have a question about any of the accessories pictured here? Contact us! We would love to hear from you!

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