Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair: Discover a 'do You Adore

Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair: Discover a 'do You Adore
As a woman with short hair, I don’t get a kick out of looking at all of those bridal beauty magazines and Pinterest boards. Sure, the styles are gorgeous. Okay, I wish that I had hair down to the middle of my back again. Yes, I want to grab the nearest head of hair and try out a waterfall braid every time I see one. But no, I don’t really like looking at bridal updos. The problem with beauty magazines is that they focus on women with long locks that are so thick and bountiful, you wonder how their future husbands don’t wrap themselves in them when they cuddle. I’m not bitter—I swear. But that’s why I want to focus on my fellow short-haired brides.

Bridal hairstyles for short hair should start with a consult.


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Whether you’re working with your own stylist or going with someone new, you need to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Most hair grows at a rate of ½ inch per month, so if you decide you want to grow yours out at all, you’ve got to start early. Your stylist will help you decide whether your wedding date is too close to make any progress on length. They can then direct you towards looks perfect for you. I also recommend one practice run before the big day.

Scour the internet for styles.

A quick Google search will bring you plenty of inspiration, but how can you narrow it down? Ladies have always worn their locks short, so don’t just stick to modern looks. Check out fashion icons like Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, or Jackie O. These women rocked a bob, and depending on your style, your wedding look can mimic theirs. Search the current wedding trends and you'll quickly realize that your 'do will do just fine! A chic floral crown would look stunning on short, loose curls. Or just think how jealous those long-haired brides would be if you rocked a fingerwave on your 1920's-inspired day? Updo's are everywhere, but you have an opportunity to pull of a unique, timeless look.
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Don’t forget the power of the fascinator.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bridal style, it’s time to accessorize! While a longer veil can be overpowering on a woman with short locks, a fascinator or small cap can look fantastic. Instead of bringing the eyes down, a headpiece will lift your chin and elongate your neck. Pair your fascinator or cap with a birdcage or blusher veil, and the effect will be demure.

Do you have tips for brides with shorter locks? Maybe a few photos you’d like to share? Comment below or send your pictures to!

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@EmmalineBride Loving this look! If you’re struggling to find bridal hairstyles for short hair, check out our tips:

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