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If I were planning my wedding this year, I’d be keeping a close eye on the 2015 trends. What are they, you ask? The complete list includes details like long sleeves, low backs, and pastels. Flower crowns are still on-trend, and farm-to-table dinners are on the menu. Handmade favors and plenty of personalization are must-haves. Are you seeing the same connection I am? All of these ideas fit right in to my favorite theme for 2015: Boho-chic. That’s right! Bohemian wedding dresses are taking over the runways and making their way into backyard big days. I’ll begin with my favorite styles for 2015, and move into the planning tips that will bring it all together. Allure-8800

2015's Top Trend: Bohemian Wedding Dresses

First and foremost, boho style gowns are effortless. They come off as casual and relaxed, without losing the gorgeous details every bride adores. Fabrics to consider are lace (obviously), chiffon, and cotton. All are not only comfortable, but beautiful. Necklines can go a little lower than usual since sleeves in all lengths are hott right now. If you don’t want to show off the girls, consider an off-the-shoulder style to highlight those gorgeous collar bones. When deciding on a silhouette, always start with what flatters your figure. A-lines are beautiful, and a long train will make an impact. If you can pull it off, a sheath silhouette is ideal for this theme. Low backs or high slits are design details to consider, as well. Short bridal gowns are another trendy option, and they’ll make mingling and dancing that much easier. Which designers should you consider? Here are few to get you started: - Willowby by Watters - Wtoo - Allure - Tara Keely - Hayley Paige - Encore by Watters

20 Beautiful Boho Bridal Gowns:

Love-Marley-Penelope Love-Marley-Tiana Wtoo-Pipin Wtoo-Eloise Allure-Romance-2804 Allure-Romance-2802 Hayley-Paige-Byron Hayley-Paige-Houston Allure-2716-back Allure-Romance-2758 Allure-9213 Allure-9205 Encore-by-Watters-Prato Encore-by-Watters-Messina Hayley-Paige-Star Hayley-Paige-Carrie Wtoo-Camilla Wtoo-Emerson Love-Marley-CHer Love-Marley-Nora

My favorite bohemian wedding ideas.


Two 2015 beauty trends go hand-in-hand: braids and flower crowns. If a flower crown doesn’t fit your personal style, consider sprinkling Baby’s Breath or small buds throughout your hair. If you like a bit of glitz, a bejeweled headband or hairpiece is a great addition to flowing locks. Veils with lace trim will give you the traditional look you may want in the right way. While we’re on the subject of bridal accessories, make sure you’re boho from head to toe! Choose flats, sandals, or go barefoot! Makeup? Keep it natural. Highlight your wedding glow and put all the focus on your eyes! If a nude lip isn’t for you, consider Marsala! The color of the year is great for the lips.


Stay away from matchy-matchy! The key to boho bridesmaid dresses is to mix-and-match. If you trust your ‘maids, allow them to choose their own dress in a neutral color. Give them length preferences and color examples, then let them select a look they love (and can wear again!). If you want a bit more control, choose one designer and a collection of gowns with various necklines and details. You can select a range of colors, too. Either of these mix-and-match strategies will give you a beautiful, unique look.


There are so many wonderful options for men this year! Black tuxes will never go out of style, but what about navy blue or even bright blue? Khaki pants and a white shirt, perhaps a tweed suit? All of these unique options would look great with suspenders or bright bow ties.


Most receptions that fit this theme will be held outside, whether in a park or someone’s own backyard. Décor should fit right in, so use plenty of flowers, greenery, and natural lighting. Candles and lanterns will create a romantic ambiance. What about the extras? DIY can be time-consuming, so stick with projects you can manage. Remember, bohemian weddings should appear effortless! Hand-painted signage is a great place to start. Archways are iconic for boho-chic ceremonies, so consider decorating a simple garden arch with greenery and lots of flowers (lots and lots!). Your seating can also serve as décor. Blankets or mismatched furniture will play perfectly into this theme. Use it for the ceremony, then shuffle it around for lounge areas at your reception. Large rustic tables with benches or wooden chairs are the perfect way to host an intimate dinner. Everyone will feel like family! Speaking of food, I’m drooling for the 2015 must-haves. Farm-to-table will fit your theme, but anything homestyle will too. Make your menu personal with your favorite meals! Perhaps dinners you’ve cooked together again and again, or childhood favorites turned up a notch. Serve it all family style and you’ll have everyone full and happy.

The final touches.

2015 wedding trends are one thing, but your big day should always reflect your relationship! Personal touches, like photos and hand-selected music, are the details your guests will love the most! Do you have more ideas to share? Which bohemian wedding dresses are your favorite? Join the conversation below!

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May 16, 2019 07:54

Boho-chic wedding dresses are on-trend for 2015! Checkout our favorite styles and planning tips:

May 16, 2019 07:54

Boho-chic wedding dresses are on-trend for 2015. Checkout our favorite styles:

May 16, 2019 07:54

RT @weddingshoppe: Boho-chic wedding dresses are on-trend for 2015! Checkout our favorite styles and planning tips:

May 16, 2019 07:54

New Blog Post: Bohemian Wedding Dresses & Ideas – If I were planning my wedding this year, I’d be keeping a close …

May 16, 2019 07:54

RT @weddingshoppe: The top theme for 2015? Boho-chic! Here are the dresses and tips you need to get the look: http:/…

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