3 Alternative Engagement Ring Ideas We Say “Yes” To

A diamond is a wedding tradition— a beautiful one at that. But traditions aren’t always meant to be followed, especially if you’re an unconventional bride. You want your ring to stand out from everyone else’s, and a modern take on this timeless tradition is a great way to mark your relationship as something special. Your love isn’t cliché, so your wedding jewelry shouldn’t be either. We’ve compiled a list of three alternative engagement ring ideas that will showcase your unique love story in a brilliant, beautiful way.

Our Top 3 Alternative Engagement Rings Ideas:


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Add some color for a fashion-forward look.

If a classic diamond doesn’t get you excited, opt for different colored gemstones. Pearls make beautiful centerpieces, as do sapphires and rubies. Choose a colored center stone and accentuate it with white diamonds for a non-traditional style. This small change will make your ring stand out from the crowd, just like your love story.

Engagement Tattoo: A permanent symbol of your forever love.

If you and your special someone want a symbol of love you can’t lose, opt for matching tattoos on your ring fingers. This modern mark is super cool, and will last a lifetime—just like you and your spouse. Choose a simple, straight-forward design, like a heart or infinity symbol. Other engagement tattoo ideas could be your wedding date, your initials, or anything that represents your relationship. This non-traditional mark is often loved by the offbeat bride. Alternative-Engagment-Ring-Ideas

Photo by Brian Bossany Photography

Keep it simple with a gold or silver band.

Save some money for a down payment on your house and select budget-friendly bands. This style is simple and chic, making it a wonderful alternative to an extravagant diamond. Buy a gold or silver band and the style and quality will last a lifetime. If you want to make it one-of-a-kind, get it engraved! One of my favorite ideas is to get your band engraved with your spouse’s thumbprint. A symbolic image of the way they’ve touched your life. Simple-Engagement-Ring-Ideas

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What other alternative engagement ring ideas do you have?

These three options are wonderful choices for non-traditional couples. Instead of choosing a piece of jewelry that you’re supposed to have, find something unique to your relationship; a reflection of the special bond you share. Would you consider an unconventional ring? What do you think about the tattoo trend?

Join the conversation by adding your ideas in a comment below—we can’t wait to hear from you!

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