Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Winter Wedding

When planning your winter wedding, you’re going to want the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses available. Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses are just that. Since winter wedding attire is particularly difficult to choose, it’s good that Alfred Angelo designs styles that are perfect for every season, not just for the high-traffic warmer months.
Alfred Angelo 7289S Alfred Angelo 7289L

Let design direct your shopping with Alfred Angelo bridesmaid gowns.

Beautiful bridesmaid dresses are made of more than great design. They make a woman feel proud to wear them. Alfred Angelo bridesmaid gowns combine the best designs and your favorite colors to make interesting combinations that work for any season. Winter bridesmaid dresses can be hard to find because you need a design that works indoors and out, and you don’t get the easy summer sundress styles to choose from. Alfred Angelo is always testing fashion limits and starting trends. You can see from these designs that risk doesn’t scare them, and neither does winter!
Alfred Angel 7263S Alfred Angelo 7271L

Choose darker colors to warm up your theme.

The best bet for winter wedding attire is to choose dark colors that go with your theme. In the summer, your bridesmaid dresses often add a pop of color to the wedding palette. In the colder months, ‘maids feel more comfortable in neutral, dark colors. I love how Alfred Angelo bridesmaid gowns often combine two or more colors: a base and an accent. Now you can make sure your ‘maids feel comfortable without losing that pop of color we all love. Choose to add dark lace to your ivory base color, making a lovely statement in the process.

Beautiful fabrics make the colors brighter.

There’s always the choice of going with a lighter or brighter color for your winter bridesmaid dresses. Jewel tones, blushes, and pastels look lovely against a winter-themed backdrop. Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses have a vast selection of fabric choices with deep dyes and fascinating hues to make any season’s wedding beautiful.

Which Alfred Angelo bridesmaid gowns would you choose for your winter wedding attire?

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