After Six Bridesmaid Dresses: Find Your Perfect Green Bridal Party Dress

After Six Bridesmaid Dresses: Find Your Perfect Green Bridal Party Dress
We talked last month about all the new and exciting styles that were recently debuted from After Six bridesmaid dresses. From soft chiffons to structured satins, an After Six bridesmaid dress with sizes for every ‘maid is just what you’ve been looking for!

Green Bridal Party Dress

Why should you choose a green bridal party dress?

As we are looking towards spring and summer weddings, we are seeing a huge surge in green bridal party dress orders. This is so exciting! The last few years have been pretty dominated by pink, black, gray, and yellow. Green is a refreshing change of pace, plus it is a universally flattering color. Let me explain. Have you ever noticed how some people’s skin just doesn’t look great when they wear yellow, or how some girls can appear really washed out when they rock gray? There is a reason for that. Where yellow and grey sit in the color spectrum isn’t terribly flattering to the rose and tan tones in our skin. Green is a great color because it’s right in the middle. Find your perfect hue and style at the Wedding Shoppe!>>

You can find an After Six bridesmaid dress with sizes for everyone.

One of the reasons we love After Six bridesmaid dresses so much is because they offer fun and flattering dresses in every size. If your ‘maids range in sizes from 1-20W, you don’t have to worry. When you choose an After Six bridesmaid dress with sizes 00-30W, you’ll find your bridal party dress shopping to be easy, fun, and (hopefully) quick.
Green Bridal Party Dress by After Six Green bridesmaid dress by After Six

Find your bridal party dresses at the Wedding Shoppe.

We offer a HUGE selection of bridal party dresses both in-store and online at the Shoppe. Whether you’re looking for a floor length chiffon gown or short lace dresses, we’ve got it for you! If you’re local to St. Paul, MN, stop by and visit us in-store! We’d love to help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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