Top Ten Pieces of Advice for the Pregnant Bride

Top Ten Pieces of Advice for the Pregnant Bride
Here at the Shoppe, we seem to have babies on the brain. We’re all excitedly awaiting the arrival of the royal baby with the rest of the world. We’re so happy for Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it’s not just because they’re celebrities. We love all babies,and have recently welcomed a few bundles of joy to the Wedding Shoppe family! To celebrate, we’ve compiled some advice on how to prepare for your wedding when you’re expecting your own little prince or princess!

Expecting and engaged? Congratulations—times two!

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Here’s some advice for getting the most out of your celebrations as a pregnant bride:

1. Timing is Everything: If possible, try to schedule your wedding during your second trimester. By this point, hopefully the worst of your symptoms will be gone, but you won’t yet feel like you’re hauling a watermelon onto the dance floor with you. Being a pregnant bride means you have double the reason to celebrate, but often half the energy to do it. A morning or daytime wedding might be more up your alley if you tend to get tired as the day goes on.

2. White or Wrong: The traditional white wedding dress was first worn by Queen Victoria, and was originally a symbol of wealth and fashion. Over time, white came to have a moral overtone, but today it is simply popular and traditional. If you want to wear white for your wedding, then you absolutely should!

3. Choosing the Gown: There are many lovely styles of maternity bridal gowns for you to choose from. Generally, empire waist dresses will be your best friends. Not only do empire waist dresses give you room to grow, but they also tend to be made of lighter fabrics, which will keep you from overheating. Consider fuller maternity bridal gowns rather than form-fitting  ones, as looser styles will be easier to alter. While you certainly can, be careful if you choose to go big with a ball gown—it’s tough enough to use the bathroom in one when you don’t have to go every 20 minutes!

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4. Expect Alterations: Whatever style of maternity bridal gowns you choose, expect to have alterations right up to your wedding. Part of why empire waist dresses are so perfect is they are usually made with loose, flowing fabric that will require the least amount of alterations. Because you cannot predict how quickly you’ll grow, or exactly where, you’ll want to schedule your last fitting as close to your wedding date as your seamstress is comfortable with.

5. Lower the Heels: While shoes are definitely one of the most fun bridal accessories to choose, you’ll want to play it safe. Your center of balance is shifted when you’re expecting, so heels can actually be rather dangerous, not to mention uncomfortable. Also be prepared for your feet to swell or grow. A good plan is to stick to flats and purchase the winning pair close to the big day.

flat shoes for a pregnant bride

6. One Ring to Fool Them All: It’s not just your feet that are affected during pregnancy—your fingers might also swell. Consider having a second ‘fake’ ring created for your ceremony and the duration of your pregnancy that’s fitted to your swollen fingers. Store the real ring or wear it on a necklace until your fingers are back to normal.

7. Skip the Seafood: Be sure to discuss with your caterer the need for pregnancy-safe foods. This means no undercooked or raw eggs or meats and no unpasteurized cheeses or dairy products. Hot dogs and deli meat need to be nitrate-free and heated to steaming, and it’s also a good idea to avoid high-mercury fish. Talk to your doctor for a more extensive list of what foods to avoid during pregnancy, and convey that information to your caterer so you can enjoy your wedding feast worry-free!

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8. Drink Ahead: An open bar (or at least champagne) is practically expected at weddings. However, being a pregnant bride means you won’t be able to partake in enjoying a drink on your big day. So, make sure that there are tasty beverages available sans alcohol. It’s extremely important you stay hydrated, so lots of water is also necessary.

9. Have a Safe Getaway: Depending on where you’re having your honeymoon and how far along you’ll be, check with airlines before booking flights to make sure they’ll let you fly. Flying while pregnant can be dangerous and many airlines will restrict how far along you can be and how long of a flight you can take (for your safety). If you’re struggling, consider a romantic train trip or plan your honeymoon for when you’ll need a break from baby.

Pregnant Bride Relaxing

Remember to take breaks on your big day! Photo by Coppersmith Photography

10. Keep it Simple: It’s easy to get swept up in planning a big elaborate wedding, but stress can be extremely dangerous for both you and your baby. Do your best to simplify your planning agenda, either by toning down your tasks or designating more of them to a helpful fiancé or maid of honor. Remind yourself if you start to feel overwhelmed that you need to take a break and relax for you and your baby!

 Do you have any other pieces of advice for planning a wedding as a pregnant bride? What are your favorite maternity bridal gowns? How excited are you for the royal baby? Share with us below!

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May 16, 2019 07:27

These are such great tips! I’ve never considered the second trimester tip, but it makes a lot of sense. Also, those Dessy flats are super cute!

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